LBank Exchange 100% Winning Lottery Event: Up To 3,000 USDT In Prizes

LBank Exchange 100% Winning Lottery Event: Up To 3,000 USDT In Prizes

Isn’t it good to know that you’ll always come out on top? It’s not a fantasy as long as you take part in LBank Exchange’s latest lottery event! With a 100 percent possibility of winning, you may end up bringing yourself a good fortune with the 3,000 USDT jackpot and other interesting rewards!

This lottery will run from January 14th, 2022, through February 2nd, 2022 (UTC+8). The lottery code will be given to you after you complete the required tasks. The following are the prizes; come participate in the event and win!

  • 1 to 3,000 USDT or similar tokens (Prize Type 1)
    – Prize Type 2: A $20 USDT cashback card
    – Prize Type 3: Earning Bonus of 200 USDT

To take part in this lottery, you must perform a few simple activities. These tasks are simple to accomplish, and once you’ve completed them, you’ll receive lottery codes:

1) Join the Official Group: Join the official Telegram community of LBank Exchange and look for the PINNED message to receive the lottery code (once only).

2) Promote The Lottery: Promote the lottery event page to receive the lottery code (once only).


3) Deposit Crypto: Deposit the given quantity of selected cryptocurrency, using the lottery code as the TXID (transaction ID). The following are the deposit amounts for recognized cryptocurrencies:

BTC ≥ 0.0025

ETH ≥ 0.03

SHIB ≥ 3800000

BTT ≥ 40000

TRX ≥ 1500

SAITAMA ≥ 1600000000

MNG ≥ 1000

WOLVERINU ≥ 5000000000000

LMCSWAP ≥ 2100

LOVELY ≥ 1100000000

SHIRYOINU ≥ 2600000000000

Enter the lottery code on the LBank Exchange lottery event page and rejoice in your one-hundred percent win. Let’s spread the word about the event and win together!

Note: LBank Exchange reserves all rights to the event’s final explanation.

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