LBank Establishes a Charity for Indian Children to Support Their Academic Pursuits

LBank Establishes a Charity for Indian Children to Support Their Academic Pursuits

Leading cryptocurrency exchange LBank has donated to the neighborhood organization Rock and Anchor to help kids in rural India.

This charitable endeavor is the result of the exchange’s selfless efforts to connect with several local communities throughout the globe to lessen poverty and social exclusion in the world’s poorer regions.

LBank visited four schools in the villages of Dehene and Khokarachiwadi, where kids received educational supplies to aid with their academic endeavors.

The students were given the required equipment to protect themselves from the monsoon season. Additionally, nicely packed sanitary kits and other feminine products were given to the female pupils.

These settlements are so distant from the city that they do not have easy access to daily requirements, even though one might initially think these things are quite simple and superfluous.


The impact was so immediate that the children used some of the materials immediately, making it a memorable experience for the crew who participated in the outreach.

LBank has made numerous contributions to India, including this one. The trading platform has recently played a key role in the growth of the Indian ecosystem through partnerships with important crypto projects and educational initiatives in numerous Indian locations.

On July 17, 2022, LBank will launch its first roadshow as part of its ongoing efforts to have an influence and develop in India. The roadshow will visit four important Indian cities: Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, and Mumbai.

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