Lana Rhoades Debuts CryptoSis NFT Collection With A Unique Roadmap

Lana Rhoades Debuts CryptoSis NFT Collection With A Unique Roadmap

In the last few years, NFTs have continued to grow in popularity with many considering it a long-term investment option. The ongoing buzz around the NFT space has also contributed to more developers joining the space and offering something different from the norm. CryptoSis by Lana Rhoades is the latest to join the industry-changing game.

Their unique approach earned them recognition and cemented their place. While CryptoSis was launched not long ago, they have grown their investor pool to over 100K members without any paid promotions. Using their roadmap, they have given back over $10K to several members and have allowed all members an equal chance to win.

According to Lana Rhoades, founder, and CEO of CryptoSis, her intent was to help others in the space and the community at large. Lana is a famous film adult star with over 16 million followers on Instagram. The huge network that she has established over the years is contributing to the success of CryptoSis today.

She says that currently, the admin team has decided to collaborate with other stars like Riley Reid and Abella Danger, a move that is sure to see CrytoSis have even more success. More than just a one-drop NFT company, CryptoSis has multiple ideas in its roadmap and plans on working with every girl in the adult industry. 

This will help ensure that they offer different NFTs to the public while maintaining scarcity. Lana explains that, at the moment, they have limited NFTs, and once they are out of supply, they will do a different drop. CryptoSis’s next confirmed drop is Mia Malkova.


Their unique roadmap and overall approach allow their NFTs to maintain a high value making CryptoSis a great investment. This means that at no time will the demand decrease, therefore, prices will be constantly rising. If you decide to resell your NFT, the selling price will be much higher than when you purchased it.

CryptoSis has built a strong community on various online platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and Discord. Their TikTok account attracted 50K followers in less than 48 hours, and they have a video with over 3 million views.

As the topic of NFT continues to heat up and many are joining the sector, CryptoSis is redefining the industry, making everyone a winner. In the community that they have built, they are helping each other grow and understand the market better. Lana Rhoades is also showing people that with hard work, anything is possible. Lana is the first star in the adult film industry to enter the metaverse.

Looking into the future, CryptoSis aims to work with more stars in the adult film industry creating more NFTs. Lana says they also want to expand their online community. In less than seven days since their start-up, CryptoSis has grown to over 100K members on discord.