LaborX: Blockchain Jobs Platform Helping Clients And Freelancers Connect

LaborX: Blockchain Jobs Platform Helping Clients And Freelancers Connect

The cryptocurrency market has been evolving rapidly over the last few years and has attained a mark of over $2.57 trillion in capitalization. Such a boom would not have been possible if the market had not provided some form of engagement or attraction for large capital and retail investors willing to risk their funds in the pursuit of profitable ventures. However, investors and market participants in the trading arena are of little value or worth if the market is not supported by a base of employers and employees who are engaged in the active development of decentralized applications capable of making the entire market and series of networks run and operate. 

There is a power of money to be made on cryptocurrencies and there are a lot of ways that both experienced and novice market participants can refer to in their desire to evolve as professionals or generate some earnings. 

An Actual Job

Paid crypto services and jobs have become the norm in the last decade since the inception of the decentralized environment. Salaries are paid in both cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat to professionals willing to lend their skills and knowledge to both corporate sectors and private startups seeking experienced employees for programming, coding, marketing, community management, and a host of other roles. 

The paid crypto freelance market is enormous with countless professionals flocking to platforms that help employers and potential candidates connect. The tasks required and services on offer range from paid crypto gigs and one-off projects to long-term commitments that are set in written contracts with benefits, retirement plans, and even paid relocation. 


With the majority of short-term employment in the decentralized market focusing on such tasks as big hunting, community management, content creation, promotional campaign monitoring, and many others, employers need a way to connect with potential candidates. LaborX is a blockchain jobs platform that helps clients and freelancers connect, providing efficient transactions and robust protections through smart contracts worldwide. The platform is a reliable resource for finding paid crypto jobs and allowing users to grow professionally and establish their careers as freelancers in the crypto space, while employers tap into a vast pool of proven and valuable talent.


The crypto market is best known for its volatility and an innumerable variety of exchanges offer holistic services and user-friendly interfaces for allowing both professional and novice market participants to take advantage of profiteering opportunities with low entry thresholds. Crypto trading can generate high yields, but the risks involved are immeasurably higher than with a paid job since the market is highly dynamic and is largely tethered to the value of anchor assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Before even thinking of partaking in trading, potential investors should conduct an in-depth analysis of available trading venues and select the ones most appropriate to their needs based on a variety of factors. Among them is the security of the exchange, its reliability, reputation, liquidity and trading volumes, functionality, trading commissions, withdrawal gateways, available analysis tools, and many others. The combination of these factors merges with the knowledge base that users have to form a comprehensive makeup of a trader. 

However, having a solid trading venue and knowledge of real-time market data is insufficient to guarantee profits from crypto trading. Experience and a keen insight into market dynamics, as well as readiness to take risks, are essential ingredients that constitute the profile of a decentralized market trader.

NFT Trends

The Non-Fungible Tokens market is a big hit on the decentralized market and one that has proven to be one of the most applicable use cases of distributed ledger technologies. Acting as a bridge between the real world and the digital environment, NFTs can be tethered to a variety of assets and traded online, or even created within newfangled spaces known as metaverses. 

The earning potential of NFTs is enormous and investors in such assets can be certain that their value will grow based on the demand and supply curve. Given that all NFTs are unique, their scarcity is guaranteed, while the value will be added with the scaling of underlying projects and their audiences. 

Though adopted by such giants and Facebook for its upcoming Meta iteration, and by the Russian Hermitage State Museum as a recognized format of digital art, NFTs bear risks of depreciation based on a number of factors. Some NFT art or asset collections can become outdated and lose their appeal, thus detracting from their value. Another factor is NFT platform commissions on bidding at auction, which is tied directly to supporting network fees and can erode profits during the sale.


The Play-to-Earn mechanism is one of the most innovative approaches to gaming that has been developed in the last decade. As top-tier games on consoles and PC are proving to be lackluster in both quality and market performance, the blockchain-based gaming venue is storming the gaming industry. 

By offering players the chance to earn in-game cryptocurrencies or NFTs for achievements and content generation, games like Axie Infinite are attracting millions of players who can boast payouts in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Key Takeaways

Paid crypto services and applications are in abundance on the decentralized market. The only factors at play are the risks involved in each of the proposed means of making money on cryptocurrencies, and it is up to market participants to evaluate them on a personal basis.