Kraken Signs With Williams Formula One. DigiToads races ahead of DOGE as presale stage 1 comes to a close

Meme Coin DigiToads Raises $200K in 5 days. Will it be More Rewarding Than Maker and ApeCoin?

After an extended period of gloom, things are again looking up for the crypto market. For instance, US-based crypto exchange Kraken recently partnered with Formula One team Williams Racing for sponsorship and a Web 3.0 deal. The market is also showing signs of recovery as several leading cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin have announced presales. Amid the excitement, a new cryptocurrency that is fast gaining traction is DigiToads. The Ethereum-based meme coin has been making waves with its features and staking mechanism, which analysts feel can guarantee a spot on the list of best ICOs. Let’s dive into its important features.

Upping the crypto game with new gains

If you are mulling over a long-term crypto acquisition, there are several reasons why you should consider DigiToads. You get to benefit from a utility meme coin that aims to replicate the success achieved by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu while enabling you to multiply your earnings with a play-to-earn game and staking mechanism. Its play-to-earn vertical amalgamates cutting-edge features that will make you forget about popular platforms like Decentraland and The GALA.

Many analysts are considering DigiToads among this year’s best ICO because of its dynamic economic model wherein users get multiple opportunities to increase their residual incomes. You can look forward to earning from staking non-fungible tokens, participating in blockchain-based games, and trading and holding tokens.

The platform has rolled out a native token called TOAD which comes in handy while dealing with various transactional purposes on the DigiToads network. The TOAD token will be available for purchase on presale for all users. As a crypto for beginners, Toad Token’s deflationary model will help to check price volatility. By intentionally keeping its supply scarce, the team ensures that the token’s price doesn’t fluctuate much and users’ gains are maximized.

DigiToads: A digital companion that can help you win games

DigiToads’ play-to-earn enables players to battle in a virtual arena with powerful creatures called ‘DigiToad’. DigiToads can be acquired either by purchasing them, trading them, or winning them. Every DigiToad possesses unique characteristics like strength and special abilities that can give players leverage. Players can also buy food, potions, and training equipment for their DigiToad to help them become stronger and acquire new abilities. To pay for these items, players would have to use TOAD tokens & fight other players with their respective DigiToad.


At the end of every DigiToad season, which is month-long, the top 25% of the players with the highest scores walk away with TOAD tokens as a reward. To ensure that all participating community members are amply rewarded, it sets aside 50% of the proceeds from the sale of items for its prize pool. One of the key reasons DigiToads is being counted among the best is because it enables its users to earn real money sustainably.

Under its staking model, DigiToads users can stake NFTs and get rewarded for holding the assets. The longer the assets are held, the more will be the rewards. Moreover, the team adds 2% from every TOAD transaction to the staking pool. 

Attracting the highest daily volumes

DigiToad rewards its users for participation by organising monthly trading competitions and attracts high trading volumes. In these competitions, traders clocking the highest trading volumes every month are rewarded with a Platinum Toad. Every year, the platform will give away 12 Platinum Toads as rewards. These creatures will also grant the winner remote access to 1/12th of the treasury fund. Also, traders will receive 10% of the profits they bring in as a reward for expanding the treasury fund.

The platform also has plans to donate 2.5% of its profits to charities working for rainforest preservation and replanting trees.

Ticking the right boxes

If you still need more reasons to believe that DigiToads is the best crypto, here’s one more – a community-centric focus. With a rewards system that ensures all community members are rewarded, DigiToads sees that all stakeholders are involved in its governance. TOAD Token holders also receive 10% of the funds raised monthly, and these tokens are air-dropped in their wallets.

Even cryptocurrency analysts have been raving about the new cryptocurrency because of its revenue model and versatility. A section of analysts who have reviewed DigiToads even believe that it has the potential to clock huge returns in the near future. 

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community.

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