KidDid ART: Helping Alpha Generation To Monetize Their Creativity Through The ALART Token

KidDid ART: Helping Alpha Generation To Monetize Their Creativity Through The ALART Token

Digital technologies have changed more than our lives — our personalities. Generation Alpha — people, born after 2010 — is the supreme reflection of this change. Just look at those aged 4-17: they socialize, play, create, and literally live through screens.

This “native” digitalization gave them a special combo of traits. Bright, creative, passionate, and self-sufficient persons — and critical thinking, persistent, freedom-loving. Alphas do and learn only what they are interested in. But if they really do something keenly — their talent is shining. As a result, Alphas desire popularity. Recognize your kids? Or maybe we described you?

But how can we help them (or you) to make the star shine? Here we tell how Alphas can monetize their desire to change the world.

This opportunity gives the KidDid ART platform, a place for talented Alpha children and teens where they can show their creativity, songwriting talent, and entrepreneurial acumen to the world and get rewarded for it. Here, young creators can download arts, music tracks, or even startup ideas, compete with each other and win cash prizes. Additionally, they get the opportunity to publish and sell their arts on NFT platforms like OpenSea or incoming KidDid ART NFT marketplace, and make really big money. For example, a recently anonymous artist with Twitter nick “Pak” sold his NFT artwork “The Merge” for $91.8 million. This record deal succeeded the previous top NFT-sale of Beeple’s “Everydays: the First 5000 Days”. The artwork was sold for $69.3 million in March. And this is just the emerging market — Grayscale analysts see the target market of NFT and metaverse topping $1 trillion at some time.

KidDid ART platform also has its own crypto token called ALART. The company is preparing its pre-sale stage currently and developers plan to list ALART on PancakeSwap in the first quarter of 2022. Depending on the token holding amount, owners of ALART will get from 5% to 50% of earnings from sales of all KidDid ART products, including art, music, or fashion projects. And those who collect all the 189 NFT of founders, will receive 40% of earnings, the startup says. 


Platform founders believe that Generation Alpha will set the trends of the digital world for the next 30 years. “If you invest into them now, you will receive the profit for all this time”, — KidDid ART founder Iurii Malyshko said. The future of the NFT industry is in their hands and minds. KidDid ART’s mission is to help Alphas enter this booming market.

KidDid ART is keen to become an NFT incubator for future great artists, who will get fame and millions. With support from parents and teachers on KidDid ART Alphas will improve their creativity skills and even make history as talented Pablo Picasso, Donatella Versace, Elton John, and others. And get money of course — from all the NFT sales and author rights.

Social analyst Mark McCrindle anticipates that Generation Alpha will exceed 2.5 billion with a total Earth population of 8.8 billion — that’s double more than what it was when the parents of Alphas were born in the 1980s. More people mean more competitors, but also — more potential buyers.

KidDid ART is going to launch its own NFT marketplace next year and conduct international competitions for young Alpha creators. The startup roadmap also includes KidDid DEX in late 2022. Competitions will begin soon in the 1st quarter of the coming year on the official YouTube channel KidDid TV. Join now and become the firstcomers!