Justin Sun Discusses Potential For A Tron And Ethereum Partnership, ETH And TRX Hold Potential To Lead A New Wave Of Green

Market Update: Bitcoin Clearly Headed Up, All Signs Point To A Rally

In the last 48 hours, Ethereum has continued to rally and push its prices higher, setting a new 2019 high. Ethereum’s ETH rallies at a time when there are hints that Tron could collaborate with it. According to Tron’s Justin Sun, the partnership would see the participants make the industry significantly better.

In recent times, Tron has become a major competitor for Ethereum. The Tron project boasts of speed and cheapness for dapp developers. While it is this kind of competition that drives improvement and better products, a partnership could see an even better development for the entire industry.

Justin Sun was speaking about the potential partnership during an interview on The Crypto Chick podcast a few days ago. During the interview, Sun stated:

“I think in the future we will even collaborate with lots of Ethereum developers and also the enterprises built on Ethereum before to make the industry better.”

In the past, Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun have been locked in a battle of words, often instigated by Justin Sun. He has always been of the opinion that Tron is better than Ethereum. Most recently he sent out a jab in the form of a tweet stating:

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Soon however it most likely won’t be a one on one battle but rather a  tag team between the two industry leaders.

Ethereum Leading The Market To New 2019 Highs

At the time of press, Ethereum’s rally has seen the coin soar and hit a 2019 high of around $180. The world’s largest altcoin is down by around 1% at the time of press and trading for about $176. Can the coin hit $200? This is now the next key target for the bulls and will be inevitable as soon as the bulls can retest the $180 position and get the price to around $190.

TRX at the time of press has surged by around 3% and is exchanging for $0.030.