Invisible College and Nas Academy Revamp Online Education Through Web3 Technology

Invisible College and Nas Academy Revamp Online Education Through Web3 Technology

Educating the mainstream on web3 and its broader intricacies remains the #1 priority in the blockchain industry. Nas Academy and Invisible College acknowledge the need for a dedicated course set. Their joint-effort crypto academy for Web3 paves the way for a more robust educational focus and onboarding of the next million users. 

Invisible College And Nas Academy Share A Vision

The term “web3” still sows confusion among most mainstream audiences, primarily due to a lack of dedicated educational resources. That will change for the better come September 1, 2022, as the new crypto academy for web3 will open its doors. Hosted on the Nas Academy platform and developed with the help of Invisible College, it will cover nearly two dozen courses discussing the key concepts of decentralization and web3. 

Over $2,000 worth of educational content will be available from day one. Rather than charging admission or recurring fee for that content, it will be accessible through a non-fungible token. Users who own a Decentralien NFT  on the Solana blockchain can unlock a new utility layer. These NFTs are an admission pass to Nas Academy’s courses and grant holders access to the events organized by Invisible College. In essence, they unlock tremendous content and knowledge.

Invisible College Co-founder Nick deWilde explains the unique combination:

“The way we see it, combining a catalog of high-quality courses with an NFT collection is a fundamentally new way to empower students to own their education. And there’s no way we could have pulled it off without web3 technology. We also needed a forward-thinking partner who was willing to innovate with us. Fortunately, the Nas Academy team are just the type of crazy dreamers who could help us expand our vision and make it a reality.”

Owners of a Decentralien NFT can access the new courses free of charge. That will apply to the educational material available on day one and the new courses to be added over time. Invisible College and Nas Academy will collaborate to onboard leading web3 instructors and the lessons they create. That aspect is part of Invisible College’s long-term ambition of becoming the most prominent online web3 learning library. 


The Next Iteration Of Online Education

As online education is a booming business, it will need to evolve along with the internet. Content ownership does not focus on art, music, or video but also encompasses educational material, lessons, etc. Invisible College and Nas Academy create a new frontier by tying this educational material to an NFT, which the user has sole ownership over. Moreover, one can transfer the NFT – and its associated benefits – to anyone else, allowing for sharing the knowledge across a much broader audience. 

Web3 will redefine the way people think of content ownership and the implications it may have. With this new catalog of courses, students can build, influence, and invest in the future of the internet. The course material will cover crypto fundamentals, NFT investing, video editing, community building, etc. Furthermore, non-fungible tokens can reinvent the way people approach and consume online education.