Introducing SuperBots: A DeFi Trading Protocol Featuring Automatic Algo Trading Solution

Introducing SuperBots: A DeFi Trading Protocol Featuring Automatic Algo Trading Solution

The crypto market has been quite distressing for crypto traders and investors considering the significant slump in the market value over the last few months.

As crypto users continue to struggle over making profits in this bear market, an effective DeFi trading protocol that features complete security, and privacy and is automated, and backed by proven results even during times when the crypto market crashed may be considered a go-to platform to survive the market slump. However, a DeFi Startup like SuperBot has proven to fit in according to a recent press release.

A Web3 Automated Trading Solution Provider

SuperBots is a DeFi trading protocol that offers the decentralized market an automatic algo trading solution that specializes in bots and vaults. It is a Web3 project that features transparency, security, and an easy-to-use and fully automated platform.

Users can maximize profits as they are only charged with a performance fee when a bot makes a trade. The release from the platform stated that it can be used for free as users can deposit capital into one of their vaults of choice with no subscription fees required.

SuperBots also provides an edge against running out of funds when losses are made as it offers users virtual credits which they can use for paying subsequent trading fees.


When trading, users are only required to connect their metamask wallet, choose a vault, and deposit their capital, after which the vault will do the rest. According to the platform, each vault on SuperBots contains an algo and each vault has a different strategy. The vaults are powered by smart contracts which help users manage their assets and trade on full automation.

Furthermore, UBXT is the native and utility token of SuperBots. The token is used to pay for commissions (for successful trades only), and for staking to generate passive income. SuperBots claimed it is looking forward to adding vaults and integrating NFTs with the Metaverse. Hence, the UBXT token will be used to power its proposed NFT collection and metaverse.

As said earlier, SuperBots is focused on security, transparency, and privacy as it presents users with an easy-to-use and fully automated trading protocol. Moreso, the platform is backed by proven past performance as its first vaults, WT BNB V2, saw it registering performance of 6.79% and 24.73% for the months of April and May respectively. Meanwhile, the market lost -12.08% and -14.90% over the same period.

In a bid to heighten its effect, the project has claimed to be developing decentralized trading with leverage, not to exclude arbitrage strategies on DEX, but to fight the bear market with non-directional strategies.