Introducing Monopolon: A Legendary Multiplayer Decentralized P2E Blockchain-Based Game

Introducing Monopolon: A Legendary Multiplayer Decentralized P2E Blockchain-Based Game

Monopolon is a fully decentralized blockchain-based version of the popular monopoly board game. The play-to-earn NFT game is not only entertaining, its economic theme gives players a chance at making and managing their income, just like the physical board game.

Of note, the multiplayer platform has two sides that it exposes players to. The first is the blockchain platform, where their actions determine the development of their game characters. The second is the gaming platform, filled with lucrative rewards, leaderboards, and game quests.

Importantly, Monopolon is created sustainably for long-term use. The platform allows players to digitize traditional assets, give them value and use them to achieve incredible gaming heights.

At the beginning of the game, Monopolon gives a player what is known as a base HQ.

To play, users need to roll a D6 dice every six hours. The grid position of the dice on the 125-tile board determines the player’s next move. One can either play to earn rewards on that grid, or they can buy re-rolls using MGM/MLON tokens if not satisfied with the grid the dice land on.


In case of an enemy attack, base HQ serves as a refuge for the player to store their loot for the rest of the week. Looted items enable the player upgrades to improve their gaming experience and stay above the competition.

Monopolon has amazing and unique game characters. The youngest, Marko, is the city’s wizard, amazing everyone with his mysterious science fiction book. Zack, the chief of the cultural city heads e-commerce and utility, in addition to being a business magnate. He developed a futuristic version of the city, and he works on ways in which to connect it to other cities, battling anyone who comes against his will. The mayor of space city is Eden, a motivated entrepreneur whose expertise fields are e-commerce, automotive, and modern weaponry.

An in-game marketplace provides space for players to buy and sell their loot using the MGM/MLON tokens, granting their gaming characters new upgraded levels.

Notably, Monopolon’s economics state that only the MGM/MLON tokens can be used on the platform to conduct transactions. Additionally, playing on the platform is free and the game aims to minimize any disruptions in daily activities.

Monopolon’s mission is to be the most popular GameFi metaverse and a leading play-to-earn NFT game in the blockchain space. The platform’s main goal is to provide an entertaining gaming platform with free NFT access, ultimately making everyone a winner.