Introducing Cryptobrands, The Future Of Discounts In The Retail Industry


The advent of cryptocurrencies in the global market has triggered a lot of changes in how people do business. Industry players focusing on cryptos like Bitcoin and XRP have come up with various use cases that make their wide-spread adoption easier and more appealing.

However, there’s still one field where cryptos haven’t quite penetrated, and that has something to do with retail discounts. The idea that the global market place, as well as the financial system, should be totally decentralized gives rise to the need to seal the whole loop and factor the discount system into the crypto fold. What if you could buy a watch and get your retail discount in cryptocurrencies? Enter Cryptobrands.

Cryptobrands: Who Are We?

Cryptobrands, Corp, is a decentralized online store that offers the better option in regard to retail discounts. Cryptobrands is located in Palm Bay, Florida. It’s a startup crypto-focused company that’s about to bring class to retail products. As a matter of fact, what Cryptobrands is setting out to do has never been attempted by anyone else before.

Centralization Vs Decentralization

For one, cryptocurrencies, in general, have revolutionized the business world in so many ways over the last few years. The goal of such innovative developments is to break away from the shackles of institutional control and centralization that has plagued the financial system for centuries.

Cryptocurrencies are basically decentralized gateways through which people can transact whenever and from wherever they want without the need to involve third parties like banks and governments. Cryptobrands plans to use this new model to help revolutionize the retail industry.


Businesses have always given their customers retail discounts in terms of centralized figures that may be devalued the next minute. Now, Cryptobrands aims to change that by giving you the chance to tokenize your retail discount.

The Mission: How It Works

By tokenization of the retail discount, Cryptobrands means to use a business model that gives customers discounts in terms of cryptocurrencies rather than cash. Although the items like watches, ledger pocket wallets have their prices marked in USD, the discounts given on them are credited in cryptos.

To be precise, the discount amount in USD is converted into crypto tokens pegged to a particular digital asset that must be listed on CoinMarketCap. The tokens are then calculated into points in respect to the discount amount allowed. Now, these points can be redeemed at the Cryptobrands stores anytime within 12months of the day of issue.

Join Crowd Funding

Being a startup with a strong vision and capacity for innovation, Cryptobrands welcomes your contribution. If you would like to join our funding round email us at