Interest in DigiToads and LayerZero Soar After Arbitrum Airdrop

Is P2E Meme Coin DigiToads Better Than DOGE?

There has been a lot of excitement in the cryptocurrency space before and after the long-awaited Arbitrum airdrop. As a result of the Airdrop, the prices of other cryptocurrencies have increased slightly, and projects such as DigiToads and LayerZero have experienced an increase in base.

In this post, we will look into what DigiToads is and why it is such a revolutionary platform. We will also look deeper into LayerZero and why many are more interested in the LayerZero project.

What Is DigiToads?

DigiToads is a new meme coin that seeks to transform the meme coin industry by introducing a utility-loaded meme coin known as $TOADS.

The DigiToads platform features a play-to-earn model that allows traders to own their TOADS while making extra income with their NFTs.  The P2E game involves collecting TOADS, nurturing and battling them in monthly competitions. Players can obtain TOADS by collecting, buying, or trading them.

The TOADs are then battled in competitions. Each competition period runs for a month. After a battle period, 50% of the earnings from in-game purchases are added to the prize pool, which pays 25% of top players.


Platinum Toads is one of the most notable features of the DigiToads cryptocurrency project. The feature is meant to incentivize traders to sharpen their skills and become better market participants. The top traders are rewarded with platinum TOADS, which gives them access to 10% of the profits from the DigiToads ecosystem.

DigiToads also has a TOAD school that will offer users a course on improving their trading skills and better using the DigiToads ecosystem. Once the DigiToads decentralized exchange and the Trading post-launch, TOADS students will have an opportunity to use their skills to better the TOADs ecosystem.

DigiToads is also focused on ensuring that the real-life TOADs benefit from the DigiToads platform; 2.5% of profits from all TOADS transactions will go into charities that help preserve the natural habitats of TOADs in the Amazon rainforest.

DigiToads has an inbuilt mechanism to ensure unhindered growth, creating a deflationary factor.  The mechanism uses a 2% tax on every executed transaction to buy back TOADs and burn them, hence creating scarcity and increased demand.

Interest in Layerzero Spikes

Layer zero is a peer-to-peer platform for trading and settling digital assets. The platform is built on a layer-0 infrastructure with high performance, scalability, and security. The platform uses a novel consensus mechanism called proof of Real work (PoRW) that leverages the computational power of physical data centres to secure the network and prevent attacks.

LayerZero aims to provide a better alternative to existing centralized exchanges by offering faster transaction times, lower fees, and greater security. 

Although LayerZero is still in development, adherents have shown increased interest in the project since the Arbitrum airdrop.

Final Word

The DigiToads presale has been making waves in the cryptocurrency industry due to its insane growth rate. Within a few weeks of the presale, the project raised more than $3 million and counting.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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