Web3 Social Subscription And NFT Marketplace O-MEE Announces Partnership With Noir

Integrated NFT And Social Platform O-MEE Announces Partnership With Noir

O-MEE, a combined Web 3 social subscription and NFT Marketplace, has announced its strategic partnership with the blockchain, Web 3, and DeFi branding agency Noir. With constant innovation and diversity in technology, Noir helps sophisticated projects present their mission to their target audience.

It also fosters a stronger emotional connection between a project, its users and partners, growing companies through the virtue of trust and community involvement. Noir has experience in providing advice, brand development, investment, and marketing services to the founders of several ambitious Web 3 and DeFi projects.

On the other hand, O-MEE aims to provide a Web 3 NFT platform that fosters socialization in addition to creativity among artists, designers, influencers, and content producers. It is a one-stop-shop platform where creators can create, upload, share, promote and sell their products.

APIs connect O-MEE to mainstream social sites such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, allowing them to re-publish existing artwork, videos, photography, and other media to their O-MEE profile. Followers can then like, share, and interact with their favorite creators on the platform.

Even more, these creators can mint everything they share, whether new or republished, and sell them as NFTs on the O-MEE NFT Marketplace. The platform also allows users to explore, discover, collect, bid, and trade exclusive NFTs. An NFT community supports creation and innovation by individualistic and artistic persons. O-MEE’s vision is to bring together creators’ NFT and social experiences.


Another income-generating feature on O-MEE comes in the way of a subscription model. It lets creators monetize the content of their choice using flexible payment plans. This gives followers unlimited access to their profiles and exclusive NFTs. 

O-MEE encourages creators to promote their work for greater following, likes, and engagements to bring in more subscribers and resultantly more revenue. Creators place great effort in providing exclusive content for their viewers. For this reason, O-MEE is rewarding its hard work with a commission-less subscription feature. This means that all revenue earned from subscriptions belongs solely to creators and artists.

Other than an NFT Marketplace, a subscription model, sociability, and creating and re-publishing media, O-MEE offers a host of other features. A DeFi feature offers staking and farming programs for platform users and token holders to make extra earnings. And in addition to zero third-party fees, creators have full ownership of their content with no censorship or middlemen engagement. Last but not least, O-MEE’s algorithms break conventions by giving users independence and full control of their content feed through a filter tool.

Of the partnership with O-MEE, Anthony Logan, CEO of Noir, said:

“We are excited to be working alongside O-MEE and their fantastic team creating a Social & NFT marketplace to redefine how creators build social and economic value in Web 3.0.  We believe O-MEE allows creators to emotionally connect with their fans and create meaningful value from their work. We are looking forward to supporting O-MEE investing, creating and building their brand as well as providing social and strategic marketing support.”

Jared Walker, CEO of O-MEE, also remarked:

“It is with great pleasure to announce our strategic partnership with Noir Agency, one of the leading brand innovation agencies within the blockchain industry. It was extremely important for us to create a brand vision and identity that provides a strong and meaningful message that connects our project to our community, users, and audience. Their individualistic approach to branding challenges the traditional and everyday design paradigm that truly makes O-MEE a trustworthy and memorable project. We want to thank Anthony, Jamie, and their unbelievable team for their efforts and we look forward to our long-lasting partnership.”

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