Innovative Financial Gamification Platform, Blockium Kicks Off IEO with Coineal Exchange

Innovative Financial Gamification Platform, Blockium Kicks Off IEO with Coineal Exchange

In its bid to take the token economy to the next level and set a standard in an already proliferated market, innovative financial gamification platform, Blockium is launching its IEO on Coineal’s exchange, in other to upgrade UX for traders while doubling their profit in the very exciting token economy.

Trading Just Got More Interesting

Leading P2P platform Fokoya, which always doubles as the creator of Blockium announced to the general public about the launch of its IEO, which will be on the digital crypto exchange platform, Coineal. Blockium is a cryptocurrency trading platform that uses its advanced blockchain and tokenized technology to make trading with friends, colleagues and strangers possible at any budget and at any particular size.

Blockium was specially designed to relieve the first time trader of the fear that accompanies an amateur trader who is trading in cryptocurrency for the first time in their lives. The Blockium trading competitions by Fokoya specifically gives users the ability to trade directly against other traders for the first time ever, using its end to end solutions and advanced integrations.

The recent IEO launched by Blockium will be administered through Coineal’s cryptocurrency exchange, in other to raise funds for the firm’s newly issued token, which is aimed at helping crypto holders invest their tokens while also doubling their profits.

Improved User Experience

The complete tokenization of Blockium will effectively improve the user experience of both the experienced and novice trader, this is basically due to the new and exciting features that were recently added to the platform, which includes an accepted entrance fee that suits any reasonable budget and lots of other exciting new features.


The Blockium trading community is one of the most powerful in the cryptocurrency industry, and this is because members of the community are also investors and an unofficial partner when holding its exclusive token, which they can compete with and turn to considerable profit.

Commenting on the latest development, the CEO of Fokoya Gilad Raz stated that:

‘’An IEO through Coineal is the perfect approach for Blockium to take as we begin an outreach strategy that penetrates the Asian market through the exchange’s branches in China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Fundraising Via IEO will allow Blockium to consistently develop company activities, as well as the platform’s token economy, with an optimized product that acts as a gaming competition resource to anyone in the trading world,

Tokenization is key, as it will create b2b opportunities for us in the future while meeting the needs of our crypto community immediately.”

More on Fokoya

Fokoya is one of the leading P2P technology manufacturer utilizing blockchain and smart peer-to-peer technology to create an exciting online social experience.


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