Inflation is the problem and Bitcoin is the solution — MicroStrategy’s Saylor

U.S Inflation At Highest Level Since 2008, And Bitcoin Just Became More Attractive

Inflation has proven to be a beast that traditional economies have failed to slay because of their heavy reliance on fiat currencies. It’s also noteworthy that this kind of situation is a result of the unabated printing of money by governments. For this reason, investors are now changing tack to deal with the inflation that threatens to devalue their wealth. 

Investors Know The Risks Of Inflation

According to a recent talk by Fox News’s Tucker Carlson that was posted on Twitter by Michael Saylor, investors are waking up to the reality of the danger they face from inflation. They know the risks, and that’s why they’re adopting other ways of keeping their wealth intact. One of these ways is real estate investments. The housing market has seen a significant rise in prices of late, something that can be attributed to the sudden influx of money into the sector from worried investors trying to invest in hard assets.

As a result, prices in the housing market have surged by between 20-30% over the past year. If this trend continues, there’s no telling how much increase will have been influenced in 5 years’ time. The smarter investors are now turning to better assets like cryptos – especially Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Has Surged 164% In The Past Year

According to Tucker, cryptocurrencies have proven to be a viable refuge from the rampant inflation that has devalued people’s wealth for years. If anything, cryptos like Bitcoin have been surging in value. Over the last year, Bitcoin’s value has increased by around 164%. That means that anyone who bought the coin 12 months ago has had their wealth almost doubled. On the other hand, anyone who kept their wealth in fiat has had their wealth devalued by inflation.

As a matter of fact, more investors are now recognizing the great opportunity that is in the crypto market. Both individual and institutional investors have woken up to this reality. For example, Michael Saylor is the founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, an investment firm that has been heavily investing in Bitcoin