IEOs You Should Keep Your Eye on in Q4 2019

IEOs You Should Keep Your Eye on in Q4 2019

When the crypto movement first took root in 2017, initial coin offerings (ICOs) were the primary way that interested investors gained access to new digital assets.

However, times are changing, and, while ICOs remain indelibly popular, many investors are turning their attention to a different option: initial exchange offerings (IEOs).

These token offerings are similar to ICOs, but, rather than being sold directly by a company, they are offered on exchanges. As a result, they bring the vetting and credibility of the exchange to bear on the digital assets that are offered.

Even Coinbase, the most mainstream and popular exchange application, is getting involved, offering IEOs to its 30 million users.

As with any popular product, choosing the one that’s right for you can be a challenging decision. Here are four IEOs that you should keep your eye on as we approach Q4 2019. 


#1 Binance & Huobi Offerings 

Binance and Huobi, two of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, are at the forefront of the IEO movement, with new products continually coming to market.

However, interested investors need to remain vigilant about these offerings, as the platforms are only giving users a few weeks notice about new projects, meaning that the most involved users will have the first opportunity to participate.

So far, these products are performing very well. For instance, Matic, the fourth IEO offered on Binance’s Launchpad platform, brought in $5 million for the company, and the token price increased by more than 400% after the sale.

Other projects have sold out in seconds, creating an incredible demand for IEOs.

Consequently, interested investors should stay abreast of the recent announcement, and they should ensure that they complete pre-IEO requirements before the tokens go on sale.

#2 QAN

QAN is an enterprise-grade blockchain project that imbeds key features for security and scalability into a platform that is both capable of meeting the needs of today and the expectations of tomorrow.

For instance, the platform is quantum-resistant, offering long-term protection against quantum computing that threatens the future resilience of other blockchain projects. In addition, the platform features fixed transaction prices and multi-programming language support that offers enterprise developers the flexibility to program smart contracts in the languages with which they are familiar.

The platform is powered by the QARK token, a utility token that facilitates the blockchain’s ecosystem.

In total, QAN has 333,333,000 QARK available, and ⅔ will be for sale on BitBay during the IEO, which begins in Q4 2019. 

#3 Azultec 

Alzutec is striving to become the biggest CGI rendering farm, and they are using cryptocurrencies to incentivize users to lend their computer power to this initiative. Their product, The Azultec Cube allows users to earn cryptocurrency in an energy-efficient and affordable way.

Their cryptocurrency miner is liquid-cooled and is equipped with a hard drive that can function as a decentralized cloud storage solution, and users can share their storage space to earn more cryptocurrency. Finally, the product can be used to take on decentralized rendering projects that produce another income stream for owners.

The Azultec ecosystems token AZU, is available as an IEO on Shortex with prices starting at $0.024. 


Cryptocurrency products continue to abound, receiving significant interest from both individual enthusiasts and institutional investors. With IEOs representing one of the most promising access points to these new tokens, interested investors should keep their eyes open to the latest offerings and decide which projects might be of interest. 

With many IEOs moving quickly, it’s critical that investors do their homework before a project launches, giving them the best opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the latest crypto innovations. 

Ultimately, IEOs aren’t the only on-ramp to digital assets, but they are increasingly popular, and the process is worth a look for those looking for an edge in today’s fast-moving decentralized environment.

Disclaimer: Every Crypto Trading and Investment Activities Involve Risk. You should always conduct your own independent research before investing in any IEO. This Article Is Provided For Informational Purposes Only And Shouldn’t Be Taken As Finance Advice.