IDOWall Maintains Positive Trajectory As 70% Of WALL Tokens Gets Sold Out

70% Of IDOWall's (WALLS) Tokens Gets Sold Out

IDOWall, an information platform for  Projects on Cardano blockchain, recently launched a seed sale that currently has sold out by over 70%. The seed sale commenced on November 1st, 2021, and is set to end by mid -December. Users can purchase the company’s token by visiting the platform’s website.

The project has already created the user interface page for its website and given a glimpse of some of the features that will be in the website as it seeks to be a Launchpad for Cardano-based IDOs. To access all the features of the IDO wall, you’ll need to have the platform’s utility token, $WALL.

In order to buy WALL tokens, you’ll first need to have access to ADA- Cardano’s native crypto. You can purchase ADA from a crypto exchange such as Binance or Coinbase. Once you have the ADA, transfer them to a Cardano wallet. Some of the wallets that support ADA are Nami, Adalite, and Yoroi. You will then send this ADA to the seed sale’s address on the website port. That’s when you’ll get access to $WALL tokens.

Currently, 1 ADA will give you access to 20 $WALL. The minimum amount of WALL tokens you can buy is 100 ADA. The maximum amount of WALL you can buy is 10000 ADA.

Accessing WALL tokens will enable you to view token presales from multiple launch pads. You will also be able to view detailed information about the tokens. This is information such as the token policy, status, social media engagement levels, and all details that can help in identifying a top token. Token holders will also get a chance to stake their tokens and earn ADA or more WALL tokens.


IDOWall is a platform that seeks to provide investors with comprehensive data and information that can help them identify the next 100x project. The platform will also offer details on presales from over 5 launchpads on the Cardano blockchain.