IDO Launchpad Coollaunch Launches On The Cardano Network

IDO Launchpad Coollaunch Launches On The Cardano Network
Advertisement, a decentralized IDO launchpad created to help projects raise funds, has officially announced its launch on the Cardano Ecosystem.

As per the announcement, Coollaunch is now running, empowering startups to raise capital in a fair, decentralized, and transparent manner. Reportedly, Coollaunch became the first decentralized launchpad on the Cardano network.

Coollaunch is a launchpad and project accelerator with a multi-chain support system to help projects raise funds regardless of their blockchain. Coollaunch’s mission is to “provide transparent, efficient and fully decentralized crowdfunding services.”  The platform also provides fair token launch, providing users with a friendly gateway to access and invest in well-vetted projects.

The launchpad is a logical evolution of the crypto fundraising process. Unlike similar projects in the market, Coollaunch offers full support of Cardano native tokens and a suite of advanced DeFi tools. This will help incentivize users and bring more utility to its native token $COOL. In addition, the launchpad is designed to leverage DeFi innovations to step up fundraising for crypto, NFT, and metaverse projects.

Despite having a similar architecture design as IEO, Coollaunch allows both entrepreneurs and users to use its platform. Through its project endorsement feature, the platform will enable users to support their favorite projects and earn participation rewards. Already, the platform has formed strategic ties with marketing partners and influencers to help keep a consistent stream of well-funded crypto projects. In addition, Coollaunch also has to stake and yield farming features allowing $COOL holder to farm more tokens or become eligible for exclusive NFT drops.


When fully launched, Coollaunch hopes to host a full-fledged virtual gaming station incentivized by crypto tokens and NFTs. The platform is also becoming a fully decentralized metaverse where its users can shop for digital collectibles, play to earn, and raise funds for their new gaming projects. 

Coollaunch plans to hold a seed funding round scheduled to go live from January 11, 2022, at 6 PM GMT. The seeding dale round will run for 30 days until February 11, 2022, or expending token allocation. This event seeks to sell 70 million COOL tokens. The platform has set the price at 1 ADA, equivalent to 666 COOL tokens.