Hybrix Not-For-Profit Blockchain Project Calls for Unity in the Crypto Space

Hybrix Not-For-Profit Blockchain Project Calls for Unity in the Crypto Space

Hybrix, a leading not-for-profit organization developing highly functional blockchain solutions, has all participants in the blockchain and crypto space to unite. Present at the 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Conference, the organization promoted its manifesto that’s aimed at spurring everyone in the blockchain ecosystem to unite.

During the 2019 San Francisco Blockchain Week, the Hybrix team gave out letters contained in gold-sealed envelopes to participants, urging them to stand up and fight against the monopolization of money.

Several individuals were spotted wearing the Phantom of the Opera mask s at the event. Hybrix also encouraged attendees to invigorate the true spirit of blockchain technology, as originally created by Satoshi Nakamoto, the father of Bitcoin.

Notably, attendees are already responding to the Hybrix call positively and they have started spreading the good message.

Hybrix is determined to see a world where financial inclusion powered by blockchain technology becomes a reality.


About Hybrix

Established in 2014, the primary objective of Hybrix is to create a robust and highly functional blockchain platform that enables developers to create chain agnostic applications.

So far, the Hybrix team has secured two grants and they have also raised more than three million US dollars without venture capital.

With Hybrix, developers can create applications on more than 31 chains with just one tool, without having to learn how to use new SDK for each.

Web: https://hybrix.io/ 

Media Contact: amine@hybrix.io

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