Huobi Global Announces First Project For Reintroduced Huobi Prime

Huobi Global Announces First Project For Reintroduced Huobi Prime

Leading blockchain and cryptocurrency operator, Huobi Global announced in a recent press release, the first project of its newly adjusted Huobi Prime.

Huobi Prime platform which had been reinitiated a few days ago, being May 11th.

The new project is basically designed to introduce selected premium assets projects.

According to the announcement, the reintroduction of the platform was followed by a thorough process of scrutinizing and selection. This was to ensure a strict listing of only premium projects on the platform moving forward.

The vice president of Huobi Global, Ciara Sun while commenting on the new development, cited exciting benefits that come with the re-opened platform.


The statement reads;

“We foresee many people to adopt a wait-and-see attitude at the beginning, but we believe Huobi Prime will provide a good reason to participate.

Our Huobi Prime team selects high-quality projects from a large pool of potential candidates and provides users with a channel to invest and participate with a low barrier of entry. More importantly, users who are interested in the project can receive an early start.”

Prior to the announcement of the Huobi Prime project, the company had established a new business unit focused at efficiently managing the listing of assets. The new business is dubbed Huobi Asset Center.

Huobi Token Powers Huobi Prime Projects

Following the announcement, Huobi Prime allows the platform users an easy access cutting-edge crypto projects.

However, crypto traders using the platform can only access the new assets available on Huobi Prime on the condition that they hold a minimum of 300 Huobi Tokens for six days.

The company tagged the first disclosed Huobi Prime Project as “APNFT”. APNFT has been initiated to create a bridge between renowned artists and blockchain. This would back the growth of native crypto artists in the NFT circle.

Conclusively, Ciara expressed the company’s delight and confidence regarding the stated goal of the newest development, saying;

“Although we have a number of strong candidates for Huobi Prime’s re-launch, we were extremely impressed by APENFT’s aspiration to make art accessible to everyone…

Without a doubt, this will, in turn, strengthen the HT token and bring more volume to the entire crypto ecosystem.”