How KELPIE Facilitate Free Flow of Data and Content Creation

How KELPIE Facilitate Free Flow of Data and Content Creation

The world is changing at a pace we have never seen before. We have new revolutionary technologies that are interrupting every aspect of our lives from healthcare, education, content creation, etc.  The Internet is the best-known example and for years the internet has monopolized the free flow of data and content creation. This is where KELPIE comes in and this project aims at facilitating the free and uninterrupted flow of data in a decentralized ecosystem.

KELPIE is a fully decentralized next-generation network that aims at decentralizing the flow of data and all types of content. It will empower all types of content creators all over the world by giving them full ownership and control of the content they create. Since this platform is decentralized, users will have many choices. They can customize their preferences thus giving users the decision-making power. Because of this users will not be forced to accept unfair terms and conditions that other platforms use to exploit their users. One will have complete control over their data and because of the end-to-end encryption, users will have privacy and they will be able to share any information securely.

KELPIE being a fully decentralized platform will allow users to have all the copies of their data. This gives individuals the control over their data allowing one to export their data or to store copies of their data locally. At the same time, everything in the platform will have encryption and this means that no third party will be able to access the user’s data. Users and content creators will have their own independence when it comes to what they share and how they interact with the content and the data in that platform unlike the internet or other platforms where users don’t have a complete control of their data.

To facilitate the free flow of data, the KELPIE project also incorporates the creation of decentralized apps which are expected to be real game changers. These apps will also incorporate automated translation and this means that anyone in any part of the world will be able to use these apps. These Dapps will be free to use and there will be no subscription fees. This is because one of the core foundations of this project is to facilitate free, unlimited flow of information, and without interference from any third party.

In conclusion, KELPIE is expected to play a very big role in the decentralization of data and content flow by enabling creators to have complete control of their work. KELPIE will facilitate peer-to-peer communication and transactions and this will enable people to carry out crypto transactions even if they don’t have Ethereum wallets. KELPIE is expected to bring in millions of users from all over the world; both newbies and those who are exposed to crypto. The platform is very secure and it offers endless options to users since data will be decentralized and creators will have full control over their content.