How CryptoAPI by PixelPlex Allows You to Get the Most from Your Decentralized Infrastructure

How CryptoAPI by PixelPlex Allows You to Get the Most from Your Decentralized Infrastructure

Since 2013, PixelPlex — an experienced blockchain company— has been providing full-stack blockchain development services. It’s been assisting both giant businesses and startups in unleashing their efficiency and streamlining workflows. Apart from fast P2P transactions and self-executing smart contracts, PixelPlex powers its DLT products with AI, IoT, and cybersecurity advances.

So far, the blockchain development firm majors in the following directions:

  • Custom blockchain development & integration
  • Enterprise blockchain development
  • Blockchain consulting
  • DeFi solutions development
  • Blockchain training
  • Security token offering solutions
  • Cryptocurrency exchange & wallet development
  • DApp development
  • Blockchain game development

What’s more, the company rightly prides itself on its CryptoAPI: blockchain API as a service solution. PixelPlex CryptoAPI allows its users to seamlessly connect their dApps to blockchain networks in a matter of seconds under zero commission.

PixelPlex strongly believes that accessing blockchain networks should be fast and smooth. With this in mind, the company has developed its high-level blockchain API that enables blockchain-powered applications to work like a charm.

Regardless of your business logic complexity and target domain’s specifics, CryptoAPI allows for seamless functioning of your blockchain-powered apps and has a lot of benefits to offer. For example, CryptoAPI by PixelPlex optimizes data retrieval; zeroes in on major app logic development; organizes all the required blockchain data; creates a consistent interface for parsed and structured data.


According to PixelPlex, its expert blockchain developers have done their best to create the solution that would be easy to integrate and universally stable for all users. They also admit that CryptoAPI provides users with an opportunity to make the most of their decentralized infrastructures. For example, users can easily access Ethereum, Bitcoin, Echo, Klay, Litecoin, and other networks; receive relevant and detailed information via cryptocurrency database; create and check wallets, balances, addresses, contracts, etc.

Notwithstanding the fact that PixelPlex CryptoAPI has been launched quite recently, it’s already provided keen and tough competition to other solutions. So, in comparison with other apps that require establishing entire blockchain nodes, CryptoAPI allows you to build serverless mobile applications that are extremely quick to deploy, update, and scale, and it even grants you instantaneous remote access to distributed networks. In addition, the CryptoAPI solution offers a viable, cost-efficient alternative to effort-consuming infrastructure updating. It’s also able to support a number of decentralized cryptocurrency databases with no need to upload them, whereas other solutions require uploading and processing terabytes of databases.

As well as this, PixelPlex points out that it always keeps abreast of new arrivals and developments in the cryptocurrency API market in order to continuously upgrade and improve its own solution. Thus, the company offers bitcoin UTXO functionality implementation to facilitate the analysis of the unspent output from bitcoin transactions and allow you to track your tokens’ chain of ownership. Additionally, given that security is one of the main priorities, PixelPlex provides a built-in smart contract audit. This can help you trace ownership, monitor transactions, and detect potential vulnerabilities. To easily and smartly manage your assets, the firm offers colored coins implementation that can assist in creating custom rules for your Bitcoin assets and deal with a range of advanced tools – from wallets to OTC desks to KYC/AML.

So far, PixelPlex CryptoAPI has demonstrated great results and has the potential to become even more powerful in the future. For the time being, it has 500K tokens indexed, possesses 6 TB data storage, and its average TTFB (time to first byte) is equal to 180 ms.

PixelPlex has successfully implemented CryptoAPI in some projects. One of them is CoinFlip, an expert ATM operator that enables you to convert cryptocurrencies to cash and vice versa. The blockchain developers at PixelPlex have designed new functions and features for CoinFlip that underlie CryptoAPI. For Hancom, one of the largest office suite software developers in Korea, PixelPlex has created a real estate tokenization, investment, and trading platform that heavily relies on CryptoAPI as well.

By and large, PixelPlex CryptoAPI proves to be a truly multifunctional, advanced, and comprehensive solution capable of enormously benefiting its users. Whenever you wish to learn whether CryptoAPI will meet your business needs and/or fit into the existing infrastructure, don’t hesitate to reach out to PixelPlex for a professional consultation.