Hotei Energy Announces Presale of Crypto Token

Hotei Energy Announces Presale of Crypto Token

An oil and gas company Hotei Energy in the Netherlands is launching the presale of its governance token. The token called HES will give its patrons a stake to participate in the governance of investments and also boost transparency of the process. According to the project, the token has a capped supply of 10,000,000 and worth 1 USDT each.

Instructions for presale

Any investor can participate in the presale. Tokens can be acquired using BTC, ETH, or USDT. participants can buy less than 10,000 HES without registration but above that, they will have to fill a form to prevent fraud.

Tokens will be sold for a period of time to support the operational cost of lighting the company. After that, the company is required to report payments to investors in 6 months and users can receive profits permanently through the monthly billing from energy services. The minimum purchase of the token is 25 tokens ($25).

Hotei Energy is a company made up of a team of seasoned professionals with more than 10 years of experience in oil and gas. To put some power of governance in the hands of its users, the company uses blockchain technology with its token HES to let them participate in the process through running the project.


The company uses the standard WITSML for real-time data visualization. This is now combined with blockchain technology to make the platform more inclusive for users. Hotei hopes that this will bring more transparency in investment management and boost investors’ confidence. 

Benefits to investors

Hotei energy promises investors some benefits, one of which is permanent contact with the team. As an investor, you can stay in touch with these experienced professionals through social media and get to know what is going on per time.

Token holders also don’t have to worry about being illegal or working with illegal entities. This is because the team works with an international legal framework that ensures that all international regulations are complied with. Investors can also freely withdraw their investments whenever they want to, giving them total control over their investments.

Also as the company is leveraging blockchain technology, the potential for growth is limitless. The business therefore can scale to many other countries and cities, thus increasing profits for investors. Token holders will also potentially receive monthly payments for fees charged for services provided as more tools are created in the industry based on blockchain technology.