Hotbit Exchange at Blockchain Economy Summit in Turkey

Hotbit Exchange at Blockchain Economy Summit in Turkey

The Hotbit team attended the Blockchain Economy Summit, which was held in Istanbul on July 27 and 28.

The largest cryptocurrency event in Eurasia, the Blockchain Economy Summit, brings together the most innovative thinkers, influential figures, and leading authorities in the blockchain sector to reimagine the future of finance.

Making connections and supporting the participants in this ecosystem by participating in it at this event with some of the key players of this system, which is unquestionably the fourth industrial revolution and is based on blockchain technology, is also effective in terms of the effectiveness of Hotbit’s stock market.

The purpose of the conference was to hold a series of engaging events to discuss the future of money, how the cryptocurrency, NFT, and DeFi ecosystems work and much more. In particular, information and comments were shared about Web 3.0, the crypto game industry, and inflation. They expected crises all over the world recently, which are very important and can shape the future.

There were also representatives from many industries: Education, Real Estate, Banking and Financial Services, Cinema, Sports Betting, Software, Technology, Advertising, PR, Mining, Music, Tokenization, Gaming, Fitness, Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Private Equity, Venture Capital and Commerce was one of them. And what they all had in common was “Blockchain”.


Hotbit supported youth development and the ecosystem by sponsoring the Çankaya University Blockchain Community, which participated in this huge event. In this way, Hotbit has created an emotional bond for this community. In this event, companies looking for interns benefited from the youth of Çankaya University Blockchain Community. At the same time, young people from Çankaya University Blockchain Community had the opportunity to do internships in companies that would support their development. Contributing to the realization of this meeting, Hotbit has made a beneficial contribution to the ecosystem. Thus, Hotbit became one of the critical actors of the Blockchain Economy Summit in Istanbul for the enthusiasm of the students and the development of the crypto market, hoping that young people will become key talents in the crypto market in the future.

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A friendly and warm atmosphere was established in this event, which lasted for two full days on 27-28 July. At the end of the event, where both informative speeches and entertaining games were combined, a pleasant blockchain party was given to all participants. The Hotbit team, who participated in this event with the Çankaya Blockchain Community of 15 people, was delighted to be in every part of the event.

As a result, the achievements of this event, which is sponsored by Hotbit for young people, can be summarized as follows: Many high-level people who are interested in all branches of blockchain technology separately, and many of them were met for potential business partnerships that may occur in the future. Secondly, our sponsorship of the Çankaya Blockchain Community, which is likely to be the likely managers of the future, has been an essential source of motivation for the young people in this regard, and the other young people in the event were inspired by this beautiful move of our stock exchange, and their curiosity about Hotbit increased. Thirdly, by participating in such important events in Turkey, we showed that Hotbit also has a claim in the Turkish market and will be active in this market.

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Hotbit, a global cryptocurrency trading platform, will adhere to the global strategy to help more people create their crypto asset accounts, enjoy a decentralized life, feel the charm of the crypto market, and support the international development of the crypto market.