Hoskinsea Marketplace Announces Launch Of The HSK Token Seed Sale

Hoskinsea Marketplace Announces Launch Of The HSK Token Seed Sale

Hoskinsea Marketplace is thrilled to finally announce the launch of the HSK token seed sale after numerous hours spent optimizing its products and project development.

Overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and enthusiasm from the community and beyond, the NFT Marketplace recently completed a private sale with an incredible group of investors, resulting in a total of 100,000 ADA in funding from renowned investors.

Hoskinsea is looking forward to the days ahead as it works to become one of the top NFT Marketplace structures on the Cardano blockchain.

Seed Sale Structure

This event will have a total of 15,000,000 tokens available, which will be distributed on an FCFS (First-Come, First-Served) basis until the entire seed sale allocation is sold out. The lower the price, the sooner you buy.


* Seed sale contributions will be taken in ADA

* 15,000,000 tokens Available

* Individual Minimum buy: 300 ADA

* Individual Maximum buy: 30,000 ADA

* Sale Type: First come, first served (FCFS)

=>Purchase $HSK tokens HERE

How to participate in the HSK Seed sale?

$Hsk seed round will start for a pledge from the 5th of May 2022 as announced earlier on Twitter – twitter.com/hoskinsea_io/status/1521411023693045760

=>Visit Hoskinsea token sale page to participate https://sale.hoskinsea.io/