HODLing Till End Of The Year, Is It Something You Should Do?

HODLing Till End Of The Year, Is It Something You Should Do?

We currently find ourselves in a developing and transforming world which day in and day out brings a lot of changes to our way of life. This transformation can be seen in every industry and field, and likewise, we certainly see a significant advancement in the financial sector. 

One specific development that has recently got the attention of all in the commercial space and beyond is the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The most intriguing aspect of cryptocurrency development is that the developer(s) of the first and top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is still anonymous.

Most people, including top investors, have opted into the cryptocurrency market due to its unbeatable track record and its reputation of bringing max returns to investors. It is a fact that there are many concerns about cryptocurrency technology. 

Nevertheless, many crypto experts and analysts have taken a bullish stance on the cryptocurrency market, laying out essential reasons to hold your coins for a long term which is popularly termed as HODL.

There are many reasons to believe 2019 promises a good ending for the crypto market as recent trends suggest. 


Firstly, the crypto market has many positive forecasts from experts and the community at large for the end of 2019. The analysis shows that the year might end with just a few bears left and we may see some altcoins surpassing their all-time highs. 

HODLing Till End Of The Year, Is It Something You Should Do?
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Furthermore, there is a lot of talk about a similar trend that overwhelmed the market in 2017, which is currently reinitiating itself. Though this might be just a guess as to the market trends seem dynamic, but with the much analysis made, it may be realized soon. 

Lastly, if you want to have success in the cryptocurrency market, then you must know the dos and don’ts. Statistics have shown that day trading is not a good option for value traders.

Looking at the market analysis from half a decade ago to early 2018 suggested that day traders are mostly unsuccessful compared to long term investors that HODL their assets for long term growth.

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