Here’s How The RIGHTS Platform by Japanese Entrepreneur Koji Machi Helps Emerging Artists

Here’s How The RIGHTS Platform by Japanese Entrepreneur Koji Machi Helps Emerging Artists

Even though the arts industry generates billions of dollars in revenue each year, the business comes primarily from well-established creators.

For emerging artists, especially solo creators, it is tough to pick up a name and get following in the industry irrespective of the art form that they are producing.

Well, social media platforms do allow artists to showcase their work and often promote them, the effect of such platforms are not the same for every kind of artist.

The blockchain is among the latest technologies out there that have the potential to help emerging artists get broader reach and find better opportunities.

Koji Machi is a Japanese entrepreneur with over ten years of experience in the IT industry. RIGHTS is his vision of a blockchain platform where artists and display their creativity, collaborate and make a living.

Top Features of RIGHTS That Support Emerging Artists

Build a Targeted Audience

The RIGHTS platform incorporates several features that promote interaction between artists and fans.

“CHAT ON AIR” is one notable feature that allows artists and fans to interact in real-time which will increase the loyalty and bonding of fans towards the artists they love.

Artists can also reward fans with digital points which can be used within the platform to get privileged treatment and discounts within the platform.

Better Funding Opportunities
One of the critical features of the RIGHTS platform is the RIS (RIGHTS Infinity Sphere) tokens.

RIGHTS members can use RIS tokens for various activities such as purchasing digital goods and event tickets, supporting crowdfunding events, and more.

The RIS tokens will help fans around the world to buy digital goods and fund events without any hassles. Moreover, artists can also sell their work and get funding from anywhere in the world securely and legally.

The RIS tokens will be made available as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum public network, making it easier for fans and artists to trade the RIS tokens for other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, thus increasing the liquidity of RIS tokens.

Prevent Duplication of Work

Piracy and plagiarism are two of the major threats faced by artists around the world. Therefore, it is crucial for a platform dedicated for artists to have some measures that prevent these issues.

RIGHTS makes use of digital watermarking technology to prevent copying and redistribution of work without authorization.

While purchasing arts and digital goods within the platform, people can verify its genuineness as all information about the ownership of artworks published within RIGHTS is available publicly.

Final Words

Artists and creators from around the world now prefer digital platforms to showcase their work and interact with their fans.

With RIGHTS, the developers aim at creating a secure and friendly environment for both professional and amateur artists where they can have more personalized benefits than anywhere else.