HeliumRent Provides A New Way For Renting Helium Mining Hotspots

HeliumRent Provides A New Way For Renting Helium Mining Hotspots

HeliumRent, a decentralized network designed to power Internet of Things devices, is elated to introduce a new way to rent mining hotspots to help people mine for Helium with minimized risks.

HeliumRent was created to offer customers the ability to rent a shared hotspot, reducing the hefty cost incurred for startup companies. The platform uses the best and most trusted companies in the hotspot mining industry to ensure maximum profit. Some of these companies include Linxdot, Bobcat, and many others. 

HeliumRent’s mission is to “provide customers with a reliable source of high income by renting out our high-quality Helium mining routers with minimized risks.”

Notably, HeliumRent has the most innovative and efficient Helim mining router networks accessible across the globe. The platform provides different options for using the hotspots, including renting a shared hotspot, owning a Bobcat or a Bobcatcluster. To use the shared hotspot plan, users have to part with $49 and receive 1.13% returns over 180days. The Bobcat hotspot plan goes for $535 and provides users with up to 1.63% returns, while the third option, the Bobcat Cluster plans, is priced at $1635 with a 1.93% return. The final and highest-tier plan, the RAK City plan, gives users a 2.13% return.

After purchasing a plan, the user then connects to Helium’s peer-to-peer wireless network dubbed as the People‘s Network. This network provides an avenue for users to earn Helium (HNT), the native token on the platform. 


The HeliumRent team explains:

“We utilize our global network of radio network stations to host hotspots around the world. It’s an easy way for you to contribute to The People’s Network and earn HNT. The amount of Helium mining profits you earn is based on which plan you select with us, as we conduct all the proof-of-coverage testing for you.”

To earn more rewards, users can reportedly take advantage of HeliumRent’s referral program, which allows them to earn up to seven percent of referral income. The platform stands out because it allows its users to remain anonymous and employs standard SSL security to prevent any information breaches.

The platform is owned by the association of Radion Network, one of the largest networks of TVand mobile phone masts. Currently, HeliumRent is among the fast-growing startups and has over 600k active hotspots.