HeartX’s Rebrand Introduces A Web3 Marketplace as Community Looks to Revolutionalize The Art Industry

HeartX's Rebrand Introduces A Web3 Marketplace as Community Looks to Revolutionalize The Art Industry

HeartX is elated to introduce its rebranded look, unveiling a groundbreaking Web3 marketplace and a vibrant community for its users.

Formerly known as ArteX, HeartX is a leader in the digital art industry providing a secure, transparent and immersive space for artists, collectors and Web3 users to create, share and trade digital artworks.

According to the HeartX team, the rebrand introduces a sleek and user-friendly interface. The new platform allows artists to easily upload and list their NFT-based digital art. This makes it easier for the global audience to explore and purchase digital art.

Commenting on the project, HeartX founder Anson stated:

“We believe that the value of arts can be redefined by community consensus. We also believe that ‘art’ shouldn’t be that out of reach, which is why we are bringing people the HeartX platform.”


HeartX is a global artwork community and marketplace driven by community consensus for artists, collectors and art lovers. In the spirit of fostering emerging artists, it redefines the value of art with concepts and technologies and intends to bring investment value to art creators and lovers worldwide.

HeartX’s unique art evaluation system engages users by allowing them to vote on digital art pieces. The original intention of HeartX is to break the monopoly of traditional art institutions and the capital on aesthetics and redefine the value of artworks with community consensus. The platform has a vote-to-earn system that allows users to earn tokens as rewards for voting on art pieces and create an interactive online art community. This model helps the community learn the most and least favoured pieces within the HeartX ecosystem. In addition, a multi-dimensional ranking system rewards users, collectors and creators, creating a positive feedback loop.

Notably, there are two types of tokens for the HeartX ecosystem: the governance token, $HTX and the utility token, $HNX. $HNX has an unlimited supply, but a community performance-based vote reward pool and HeartX Balance Coefficient are designed to prevent issues of inflation & token price volatility.

Seasoned professionals with diverse experience and strategic partners support HeartX. Their passion united the team behind the project for creating a secure, seamless and user-friendly platform for all users. Their efforts have been supported by many key investors within the Web3 space. 

The team recently released the HeartX whitepaper outlining the project’s key features and benefits. HeartX is still under development, and the team is working on sharing more updates in the coming days.