HeartX Announces ‘Token Airdrop Vote-to-Earn Game’ Engaging The Community Before Its Launch

HeartX Announces 'Token Airdrop Vote-to-Earn Game' Engaging The Community Before Its Launch

HeartX, a Web3 community of marketplace and social media platform, is elated to announce that the prelaunch of its Vote-to-Earn Game is now live.

The prelaunch is intended to allow users to earn HeartX tokens ($HNX) for voting on artwork pieces on the platform. Participants will vote for these artworks by swiping to the right (to like) or left (for next). Notably, this prelaunch will familiarize participants with the platform’s core feature before the main launch.

The game is easy to play with no login or registration required. A user can vote daily on the artwork pieces on the event website to earn rewards. The $HNX received can be used to infuse in artwork or access premium features once the marketplace has been launched. The marketplace will leverage blockchain technology to provide a binging community for HeartX users.

The vote-to-earn concept reportedly enables HeartX to provide a more friendly and transparent space for its community. The platform aims to use this module to engage the community while redefining the value of art.

Commenting on the prelaunch, HeartX founder, Anson explained:


“We’re all excited about it! All users can earn tokens by ‘swiping’ to vote. We believe that it’s important to make it more engaging for people and reward them for being part of our community. And through the forming of the community consensus, we would establish a new valuation standard for the artwork pieces.”

Notably, the HeartX team also announced that after the Vote-to-Earn campaign, the participant with the most voting works would have the opportunity to participate in the beta testing of the HearX App once it is launched. The work will be ranked according to the HeartX Index. All users will receive a certain amount of work daily to contribute to the aesthetic views.

HeartX is empowered by artists, art consultants, art lovers, and collectors who come together to redefine the value of art. The platform has sought to create a vibrant community where everyone can share their love for art and start their various art investments.

In addition, HeartX has introduced many features on the vote-to-earn model, with the development team planning new features in the coming days. The HNX token was listed on Uniswap and will soon be available for purchase from other decentralized exchanges.