Hawex — your navigator in financial flows

Hawex — your navigator in financial flows

Financial management and cash flow control are integral to running any business, regardless of your niche.

Hawex is a fintech company that provides businesses with a full range of financial services and payment methods for convenient work with assets and payments.

Transparency of relations with the client, reliability of software solutions and relevant offers for the modern dynamic market — this is how we can describe Hawex’s leading approaches to the organization and implementation of its projects.

Hawex’s main tools for business

Commodity business, provision of consulting services, sale of digital assets, etc., generate a cash flow that needs financial logistics and tools for sending, receiving and storing funds.

Main financial tools:

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  • Bank account (IBAN account). It is mainly used for settlements with counterparties and contractors, tax payments, accepting funds from clients and paying salaries to employees;
  • Merchant account (Internet acquiring services). It allows you to accept mass payments from various customers’ bank cards at any time worldwide;
  • Electronic wallets and cryptocurrencies. These modern alternative payment methods solve current user problems connected with data transfer, verification, speed and cost of paying, security, etc. It allows you to significantly scale your business’s customer base because cryptocurrency users have already occupied a large segment of the modern market.

All these tools can change depending on the type of business, geographical conditions and merchants’ individual preferences. Bottom line: thanks to them, entrepreneurs control the turnover of their funds.

Hawex provides businesses with a package of tools for organizing financial logistics in the market, offering its customers services for opening a bank account and connecting Internet acquiring. In addition, Hawex gives its customers alternative and local payment methods (apm/lpm) and a crypto processing service for mass acceptance of payments in cryptocurrency.

IBAN and Internet acquiring by Hawex — the foundation for organizing financial flows

IBAN is an international bank account supported by 45 countries worldwide to provide convenient conditions for fast transactions. To open an IBAN account in the Hawex payment ecosystem, you will need to visit the website https://hawex.com, and fill out the basic template in the “IBAN account” section.

Afterwards, a personal account manager will contact you to select the most optimal solution for your business and preferences. Personal account managers interact with partner banks to choose the financial institution for your bank account; they also collect all necessary documents.

The list of documents for opening an IBAN is presented on the website, and a personal account manager will guide you to simplify your work. Registration, necessary document checks and settlement of issues with partner banks for your business, if such arise, take an average of one to two weeks, after which you get a personal IBAN account for transfers worldwide.

If, after opening an IBAN, you need Internet acquiring services, then you can inform your personal Hawex manager about it, and they will select a solution for your request. In this case, you save time since your documents have already been processed when opening the IBAN.

In other cases (for example, if you are contacting Hawex for the first time), you will also need to visit https://hawex.com, leave a request in the Internet acquiring section, after that a personal manager will contact you and start the procedure for processing and verifying all necessary documents for your business with partner banks to provide the service.

After that, Hawex confirms the connection of acquiring and provides you with access to API documentation through your account in its ecosystem. You will immediately be able to implement it on your service and connect Internet acquiring to your business to accept customer payments. If you have technical difficulties with connecting the service, the Hawex team will always adjust them.

Hawex cryptoprocessing services for scaling your business around the world

Cryptoprocessing is a method of accepting payments in cryptocurrency that can be integrated into your business in addition to the methods you already use. This allows you to expand the customer base and provide conditions for instant transactions in any digital currency.

Similarly to opening an IBAN and the connection of Internet acquiring, you can activate the Hawex cryptoprocessing services by filling out a form in the corresponding section on the website https://hawex.com or through a personal manager, if you already use Hawex tools in the business.

The advantage of the Hawex Internet acquiring and cryptoprocessing services is their convenient integration into your service through a single API. Thus, once integrate our API into your platform, you get access to all types of accepting mass payments from users for your business.

The most convenient and fastest communication channel with the Hawex team is our website https://hawex.com, where you can leave a request and immediately contact your personal manager. They will guide you in the necessary services and tools of the Hawex ecosystem and will constructively help at all stages of collaboration, from paperwork to integration of services into your business project.

​​Hawex strives for a comprehensive approach in the development of its offerings. Thus, our fintech services cover all the basic requirements in the modern market.

As our practice shows, most often, there is much more potential in clients’ requests than it may seem to them, and Hawex services reveal it to the fullest. The more initial data about your business you give at the beginning, the easier it will be for our team to choose the most suitable solutions for you to improve your project from the side of fintech and Web3 technologies.

In the Hawex financial ecosystem, you get all the financial tools you need to organize and conduct your activities in the market without unnecessary bureaucracy and outdated methods. Modern solutions are for the modern market.

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