Haven Protocol Enters Web3 Era With Website Relaunch In Partnership with Edge Network

Haven Protocol Enters Web3 Era With Website Relaunch In Partnership with Edge Network

Haven Protocol, the world’s first private stablecoin, has launched a new website for its platform. The team at Haven protocol worked in conjunction with Edge Network, A P2P data hosting company, to develop the website.

The website leverages blockchain technology’s decentralized nature. Think of it as Web 3.0. While conventional websites are hosted by servers, created and tracked by an entity such as Godaddy, Edge leverages blockchain technology to access data space from nodes (such as computers, servers, electronic devices, etc) across the world. This provides lightning-fast capacity and efficient data delivery to users across the world. The website was developed in record time and features a sleek new website with enhanced features, better UX, and more informative details about the Haven protocol.

This new development is in line with the vision of Haven of creating a truly decentralized stablecoin that can be privately accessed by anyone across the world.

The project team at Haven had this to say about the new website:

“At haven, our focus is on enhancing the privacy of money. Blockchain is the only way we can achieve this. Using legacy hosting services is not in line with our overall objectives. The new website created by Edge fits perfectly with our vision of harnessing blockchain to create a decentralized financial system. This is web 3.0 where privacy is at the core of all operations.”


The founder of Edge network, Joseph Denne, also said;

“There is a huge spare capacity from devices across the world. The average device, like say a laptop, only consumes about 40%  capacity. If we can manage to harness this global spare capacity, we can take data from the control of big corporations and put it in the hands of consumers. Blockchain has enabled us to leverage this.  This is truly web 3.0 .”

Haven Protocol is a privacy-focused stablecoin that has been built on the Monero network. It is the world’s first private stable coin that enables users to have control of their funds anonymously.

Edge is a WEB.3 0 platform that leverages on Peer to peer networks on the blockchain to host data across the world. The network uses the spare capacity of electronic devices across the world that have been connected to the internet and act as nodes.