Guarda Wallet and Simplex Launch Promotional Deal for Zero-Fee Crypto Purchases In Europe

Guarda Wallet and Simplex Launch Promotional Deal for Zero-Fee Crypto Purchases In Europe

A promotional offer for zero-fee cryptocurrency purchases while paying with EUR has been released by Guarda Wallet, a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, and Simplex by Nuvei, a market-leading fiat-to-crypto on-ramp solution provider. As a result, customers in Europe can now purchase BTC, ETH, and LTC at no extra cost.

From April 3 to April 9, 2023, Guarda Wallet and Simplex are offering this joint promotion. That only applies to transactions in euros (EUR). Also, it is a fantastic chance for new and seasoned European traders to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Users can download the Guarda Wallet app or visit the website to take advantage of this momentary promotion. Crypto fans are urged to benefit from this campaign to expand their portfolio of digital assets.

About Guarda Wallet

Users of the multicurrency, non-custodial Guarda Wallet may handle more than 400,000 assets on more than 60 main blockchains. There are desktop, mobile, and web applications for the wallet. Since it is a non-custodial wallet, customers have total control over their assets because their private keys are not kept on the company’s servers. The user-friendly layout of Guarda makes it simple to access all the services of the wallet, including Purchase, Exchange, Staking, Crypto Loans, Token Generation, and others.


Security is one of Guarda Wallet’s primary benefits. The wallet uses a number of security measures, such as encrypted private keys, backup files, multi-signature, and biometric verification for mobile applications, to safeguard users’ money.

About Simplex

Users can purchase digital assets using credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and other alternative payment methods using Simplex, a global payment processing service. Many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more, are supported on the site.

Simplex provides a simplified method for purchasing bitcoins, eliminating the need for drawn-out registration procedures and onerous verification procedures.