Gravvity Launches Virtual Land In The First Mainstream Metaverse To Connect And Empower Community Members


Gravvity is introducing the first hyper-realistic social media metaverse dubbed the ‘Remix’ to connect and empower billions.

Gravvity is a reimaged chatting app and social media platform with a metaverse created to empower its members. Gravvity’s metaverse is powered by Unreal Engine 5, an open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool. Blended with Gravvity’s social app, the Remix completely changes the social experience for creators, friends, and businesses. The Remix is simple and user-friendly allowing members to socialize, play, explore, shop, and work together in any setting imaginable.

Gravvity’s mission is to empower people with economic opportunities and freedom in a social metaverse. Gravvity stands out for sharing its profits with its community, unlike its predecessors. The project rewards members daily with airdrops of GRAVY, the community token on the platform. Note, that each member receives these rewards based on their social activity such as chatting and socializing with friends. Users can also earn GRAVY by receiving rewards for creating content, engaging in content, viewing ads, growing their networks, trading NFTs, playing games participating in contests/challenges, and staking GRAVY tokens. 

The platform allows members control over their privacy, content, and data. Note, that users have control over what to see and can customize their notifications not to miss important calls or get disturbed by work conversations on non-work days. 

The Remix space has a total of 50,000 lands which are divided into main attraction zones. These zones feature real-world attractions and imaginary worlds. Notably, land owners can create attractions, shops, and businesses. Land owners can also host live events to reach and engage audiences in a new and immersive way. The first private land sale will be held in Q2 2022 with investors grabbing their share for as little as $150. 

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The project is changing user interaction with the metaverse by removing the current cartoon video game design featuring most metaverse and introducing a more realistic experience. Gravvity hopes this approach will help over 7.9 billion people become more open to metaverse creating mainstream adoption. 

Notably, as the metaverse market is expected to reach $13 trillion by 2030 with over 5 billion users, Gravity is well-positioned to help with the mainstream adoption of the metaverse. Currently, the Gravvity team is working on launching its Gravvity social feed and chat app in the second quarter of 2022.