Graviton Partners With Bonded Finance To Increase Altcoin Growth Within DeFi

Graviton Partners With Bonded Finance To Increase Altcoin Growth Within DeFi

Graviton and Bonded Finance have partnered up to help increase growth opportunities for new projects while providing easy-to-use tools for increased liquidity.

As per the announcement, the collaboration will help build up diversified growth strategies for hundreds of altcoins.

Commenting on the partnership, Alex P, Co-Founder of Graviton DAO, stated:

“We believe that DeFi is not limited to Ethereum nor the top-20 list of the Coinmarketcap. We see a huge untapped potential in the diversity of low-cap projects which haven’t yet managed to unveil their capabilities and strength due to the current market fragmentation and disparity. Together with Bonded, we’ll be able to give a head start to such projects.”

Graviton is a universal liquidity incentivization solution for wrapped assets with a seamless cross-chain experience. The platform boost cross-chain liquidity and usability for the entire DeFi marketplace. The project works by uniting the communities of different blockchain projects like AMMs, farms, chains, and tokens by providing them with governance tools. The platform provides these tools to help projects stimulate growth and ease their transition into new ecosystems.  


Graviton works through liquidity incentivization programs called Catalyst. These programs work similarly to a traditional yield farm. Notably, Catalyst has two significant features. The first difference s that farming periods are limited in time. This means that users can only submit their accrued LP rewards into Catalyst for up to 2 weeks. 

The second difference is that the Catalyst us a reflection farming model which allows users to receive rewards in GTON, Graviton’s native token. 

On the other hand, Bonded Finance is a blockchain base leading platform that employs smart instruments and decentralized financial products. The platform was created to bridge the gap between new and established projects. Bonded bridges this gap by providing projects with various data that allow them to participate in lending and borrowing protocol.  Notably, Bonded will enable borrowers to increase their utility and capitalization by allowing them to provide collateral for many low liquidity altcoins.

Adding on the partnership, Bonded Finance explained:

“Our $BOND token will be qualified for GTON farming on all chains automatically during the beta stage of the Graviton Catalyst programs. At the same time, $GTON will become available as collateral for stablecoin borrowers on the Bonded platform.”