Google Set to Take Advantage of Blockchain After Much Lagging

Google Set to Take Advantage of Blockchain After Much Lagging

Google set to adopt Blockchain after much lagging. Blockchain, as decentralised distributed ledger technology (DLT), gains more ground in defining the future technology. Google still leak its wound for not buying into the initiative at the early stage of innovation, which has already been adopted by many of its rivals and relatively small companies.

Google Ventures into Blockchain Enterprise

The adoption of blockchain by Google is a partnership initiative for Google’s Cloud Computing Platform (GCP), which will include HyperLedger Fabric and Ethereum blockchain frameworks. The blockchain framework will be available for the usage of the GCP customers later this year with Google partners Digital Assets and BlockApps.
Microsoft, a strong competitor of Google, has adopted Blockchain for it Azure cloud for some years now, as its working towards offering financial services and supply chain on its platform, while Google has been backward in the adoption of the decentralised distributed ledger technology (DLT).
The backwardness in the blockchain race has often been stated by the founder Sergey Brin, in public, of the opportunity missed. However, Google has now set out to take advantage of it and possibly overtake their rival in the blockchain race.
The recent push of Google into blockchain might have been spurred by the IBM’s clear backing of DLT as an enterprise game changer, and more because of the gained strategic positions in the financial markets of blockchain and Digital Asset. The digital asset has been adopted in partnership with Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) for its new settlements platform to replace CHESS.
The Google’s GCP will be working in partnership with Deloitte and Cisco. The collaboration with Deloitte will offer to run a full suite of solutions to run SAP application on GCP. The Invoice Management and Visual Inspection solutions of Deloitte will be used for the billing and inventory management of GCP.
The partnership with Cisco will engage the services of its artificial intelligence and containers, for high-performance cloud computing workloads through Intel and AppsBroker. Also is the NetApp Cloud Volumes for storage and the VMWare vRealize Orchestrator plugin.
Google will also be rolling out a new program to aid the delivery of the software as a service (SaaS) apps to their customers, and even gaining the GCP and partner experts for co-selling. This process will help the partners to access fund from Google in aiding the marketing.
The new surge of platforms implementing blockchain technologies represents a good omen for the future of cryptocurrency, as we expect to see more tense competition from firms in taking full advantage of the blockchain ecosystem.