Goldman Sachs’ Perspective on the Metaverse: $8 Trillion Monetization

Goldman Sachs Calls Crypto A ‘New Asset Class’, Marking Major Shift In Tone

The emerging consensus between Goldman Sachs and other investment banks refers to the recognition of unique opportunities associated with the growing capitalization of the Metaverse and its main projects. The investment bank estimates the monetization of the Metaverse to reach the level of $8 trillion in the next several years. The following factors contribute to such optimistic estimates.

First, the scope of the digital economy is expected to increase rapidly in the following months and years, thus significantly exceeding the present 25 percent of the global economy.

Second, the Metaverse creates the optimal conditions for the extensive utilization of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, XRP,. e.t.c and NFTs. Therefore, the sustainable development of such aspects of the cryptosystem will result in the proportional growth of the investment demand for the Metaverse projects. Third, the Metaverse enables integrating the interests of different groups of stakeholders, including gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and professional investors. The integration of their efforts may result in a rapid increase in the total capitalization of the Metaverse and related digital initiatives.

Goldman Sachs’ analysts formulate a range of the expected Metaverse capitalization being equal to $2 – $12 trillion with the most realistic estimate being $8 trillion. Other investment banks, such as Morgan Stanley and Bank of America have also formulated similar market assessments recently. Their analysts claim the Metaverse market has a multi-trillion potential with substantial opportunities for generating above the average market returns for long-term investors. At the same time, the current market instability implies comparatively high short-term investment risks that do not guarantee high returns in the short run. Therefore, traders should select the rational horizon of their investment planning to achieve the desired returns with minimal risks.

Although the general consensus on the development of the Metaverse and its growing market capitalization is achieved, there are different views on the most profitable tokens and crypto projects in this sphere. In particular, SAND and MANA are generally perceived as being the most promising Metaverse projects with a significant potential for market growth and expansion in the future. However, their high innovativeness and competition with one another may have a positive impact on the development of the entire Metaverse market. The official position and market prediction outlined by experts of Goldman Sachs may substantially affect investors’ demand for Metaverse projects, tokens, and digital infrastructure in the near future. Both revenues and monetization should demonstrate high positive dynamics, shaping the crypto sphere and other sectors of the global economy.