Gleec Launches New Exchange Using Scalable Solutions

Gleec Launches New Exchange Using Scalable Solutions
Image Source: Gleec

Gleec, the cryptocurrency ecosystem that offers everything from consumer saving products, anonymous VPNs to bitcoin ATMs is making the headlines once again with its launch of the new Gleec BTC digital exchange. In a market with new exchanges emerging all the time, how has Gleec managed to set themselves apart?

Simple. They are capitalizing on their existing expertise of the blockchain to provide a product that goes above and beyond the plentiful cookie-cutter style exchanges. The Gleec exchange, which is available via desktop or mobile is simplistic. Simplicity is the backbone of the product. The requirement was to offer an exchange that could be enjoyed by literally anyone, from the experienced crypto investor to the absolute newbie. It certainly looks like they have managed to achieve this. The platform has a clean interface and is very intuitive on first glance.

Users are able to buy,  sell or store BTC, ETH or Gleec Coin in a matter of a few clicks. All of the users current transactions are available on a single screen for clarity. But even more importantly, are the range of security protocols built into the product. The technology, powered by Scalable Solutions, which is already being used for a handful of other crypto exchanges has never been compromised. This is no small feat in an industry where cyber threats and attacks occur almost daily. While the app content is held on Gleec’s secure servers, only the user has access to their funds and keys. The app is encrypted with the highest level of security protocols and of course, 2-factor authentication.

A Gratifying User Experience

The CEO of Gleec, Daniel Dmitrov, who is based in Estonia, frequently used Scalable Solutions white-label technology to transact cryptos on other exchanges. That is how he came to know the technology personally. He claims he was delighted with the experience of the product. As such, he decided to integrate it into his offering for the Gleec users. 

Crypto exchanges are known for their lack of customer service. Certainly, as many crypto investors will know, when they open an account with either an exchange or a wallet, there is never anyone to speak to. They usually work on an open ticket scenario, a deeply frustrating system, where a client can often wait several days for a response. Gleec has decided to do things differently and create a service, which is customer-centric. That means users can get in touch with dedicated representatives, whenever they need to. 


The Gleec BTC Exchange

The Gleec BTC exchange is licensed in Estonia by the Agency of Economic Activities. Gleec BTC clients can trade the networks own Gleec Coin, on the platform, as well as in pairings against BTC, EUR and BTC/EUR, with the plan to add more pairs in the future.

The exchange is also available in a mobile format with the app, for on-the-go trading and it can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple’s App store. The platform can handle over 100,000 trades a second and its modular approach means it can be scaled to fit any volume.

The Gleec Suite of Products

Gleec is already known for its suite of products with the Gleec coin at the heart. Gleec coin is listed on Bittrex and Bithumb to name a few. Clients will have access to a prepaid Visa Card for the seamless top up to their accounts with Gleec Coin and Bitcoin.