Generic Launches Blockchain-Based Investment and P2P Lending Platform

Generic Launches Blockchain-Based Investment and P2P Lending Platform

Generic, an online exchange platform has announced the launch of its blockchain-based investment platform for Merchant Cash Advance and peer-to-peer lending.

Generic makes it possible for users and companies in need of funds to get capital without third parties.

The platform makes investments vehicles that were previously reserved to banks and large investors, available to users.

While Merchant Cash Advance, peer-to-peer lending, and crypto investment are all viable forms of investments, there is often a huge barrier to entry for the average investor.

However, Generic makes it easy for newbie and amateur investors to take advantage of these goldmines, in a cheap and more secure way.


With Generic, the cost of investment is directly proportional to the investment vehicle, making it more secure than traditional blockchain platforms. 

Investors are given a daily income report that is easy to follow in real-time, withdrawable funds are invested in MCA and p2p lending by highly successful and experienced investors.

Users on the Generic platform can develop a private investment system and personalize their income via a technological platform.

Interestingly, the platform also significantly helps users to limit risks by providing them with critical information to aid their decision, including borrower profile, risk level, rates of return and terms and conditions.

That’s not all, the system also provides big data analytics which stores data and official corporate documents with accurate information.

“Our mission is to offer users the opportunity to develop a private investment system, personalizing income through a tech platform that creates a direct bridge between you and companies looking for funds. I spent years working in MCA, with my company WG prime. After learning all the ins and outs of investing I am prepared to share some of my knowledge and help others to become successful investors,” said Mickael Azoulay, founder, and CEO of Generic.

About Generic

Founded in 2017, Generic serves as a robust online exchange available to everyone. The platform enables users to have access to the most profitable financial markets in a simple and transparent way.