GeckoCon Web3 Conference 2022: The Decentralized Future

GeckoCon Web3 Conference 2022: The Decentralized Future

Are you excited about web3 and the decentralized future? If yes, then you will be even more excited about the upcoming GeckoCon virtual web3 conference scheduled for 14 and 15 July 2022.

Learn from thought leaders and innovators across the blockchain space how web3 will empower the decentralized future, including the Creative Economy, Finance, Governance, Business, and more!

There will be virtual keynotes, panel sessions, and workshops facilitated by experts from across the industry. More than 100 speakers are lined up, including the CEO and Founder of Axie Infinity, Alexander Larsen, MyEtherWallet CEO, and Founder Kosala Hemachandra, CoinGecko CEO and Co-Founder TM Lee among others, drawn from art, media, and the blockchain space.

Topics to be covered include 

  • How DAOs will shape the world.
  • Decentralized identity: Accesses to web3.
  • Investment DAOs.
  • A new paradigm for social tokens.
  • Project the growth of DAOs.
  • The evolving landscape of DAO governance.
  • Why every business should be built on web3.
  • Bringing crypto to the masses.
  • Reducing our carbon footprint through web3.
  • The future of interoperability.
  • Staying relevant in web3 and,
  • Leveraging blockchain data in a web3 world.

Other activities include an NFT drop for early bird ticket holders, metaverse games, interactive workshops, after-party, and a lucky draw. More activities are still in the works and will be added soon.

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