Gaming Metaverse Edensol Set to Storm The NFT Space

Gaming Metaverse Edensol Set to Storm The NFT Space

Since the gaming industry began to find its way into the crypto sphere and has started igniting with NFTs, loads of new play-to-earn gaming platforms continue to emerge in the industry. Hence it is correct to say that NFT Metaverses found their way to becoming the hottest trend in the gaming universe since 2021.

While the trend seemed to have continued this new year, a new game has taken the hit as the Golem House has developed a role-playing NFT game built on the Solana blockchain, Edensol.

Edensol Outshines Other Games With Unique and Exclusive Features

Edensol is an NFT gaming metaverse that seems to be outshining other games of its kind with its potential for long-term growth and a positive gamer experience. The project has deployed unique infrastructures that are set to provide users with fantasy, action, competition, and unbeatable rewards.

According to a recent announcement, Edensol has promised to provide an ecosystem with exclusive functionalities which include; Extraordinary Gameplay, Valuable NFTs, an Ecosystem Designed For Growth, Land NFTs & Guilds, and Epic Tournaments.

Edensol will offer players the opportunity to choose to be unique heroes like Warriors, Rangers, and Mages. Moreso, its investors can have their funds ventured into uncompromisingly original, valuable, and collectible in-game NFTs.


Being built on the Solana blockchain which is highly recognized for its efficient ability to scale, Edensol will provide users and investors with a fast and low-cost way to actively buy and trade NFTs compared to the more costly Ethereum-based alternatives. 

Moreso, the Edensol metaverse is categorically divided into land parcels per the announcement. They are virtual lands that will continue to grow in size and value as new users and investors continue to join the platform. 

Obviously, Edensol has adopted powerful and exciting gaming toolkits that pose it towards reaching global success in the short run.