Gamestter Debuts Token Sale Session on P2PB2B Exchange

Gamestter Debuts Token Sale Session on P2PB2B Exchange

On the P2PB2B exchange, the Gamestter token sale session has already begun. Users will additionally receive a 7% bonus when purchasing GMST.

Until September 10, you can purchase the tokens and sign up for the project’s community. The P2PB2B exchange will list the tokens after the token sale. Here is a summary of the project in the interim.

What exactly is Gamestter?

The project is supported by a group of seasoned game developers, blockchain developers, designers, and Metaverse experts who are aware of the potential of blockchain in NFTs and gaming for your enjoyment. They introduced Gamestter to participate in the new wave of online gaming. Gamestter Tokens fuel an economic cycle by offering users of the platform financial incentives.

Action games, social games, and racing games based on NFT can all be played here. This platform allows gamers to invite friends, share, compete, and make money. Group chat, team tournaments, leaderboards, gaming profiles, NFT items, tokenization, and gift cards are just a few features that Gamestter provides.

What sets Gamestter apart?

The main form of payment on the platform will be Gamestter tokens.


Tokens from Gamestter are a simple way to get paid. Players can sign up for an account, follow and share Gamestter on various social media platforms, make referrals, earn daily logins, earn milestones, win tournaments, and more using the play-to-earn model. Gamestter Tokens can also be purchased with fiat.

There are numerous ways to use your Gamestter tokens on the Gamestter platform. You can trade tokens in the market, use them to play games, hold competitions, purchase NFT cars, wheels, and body kits, or exchange them for gift cards.

The Gamestter token will eventually be converted into a blockchain token, allowing users to take it out of Gamestter and store it in their cryptocurrency wallets. It can be staked in liquidity pools or exchanged for other tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges to earn rewards. As you accumulate Gamestter tokens, your power increases. Your chances of winning races will increase as you acquire better vehicles and equipment. Dedicated gamers on Gamestter are rewarded for winning.

Following Gamestter, inviting friends, and winning games are easy ways to earn Gamestter tokens. Therefore, participate in the GMST token sale right away! Remember to follow the project on social media as well:

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