Gamerse: The NFT Gaming Industry’s First Unifying Social Hub

Gamerse: The NFT Gaming Industry's First Unifying Social Hub

As any lifelong gamer will tell you, gaming is a social experience. This rich social ecology allows NFT gamers to connect, trade, and learn about the fast-emerging blockchain gaming sector. The Social Aggregator Marketplace (SAM) is the initial component of Gamerse’s platform.

Gamerse’s SAM is a cross-chain, cross-platform social center that curates, displays, and enables all gaming NFTs and transactions.

The home page’s “Featured Drops” area will allow users to discover special NFT drops and first NFT offerings from Gamerse’s partners, Metaverse projects, and influencers. Users can also browse and bid on live auctions. SAM will also include a “Calendar View” where users may view upcoming drops and auctions and set notifications. Gamerse’s SAM delivers marketplace data according to rankings (highest rated by Gamerse community, sales volume, and followers) and activity through its “Top Ranking Games/Gamers” leaderboards.

The marketplace and its multi-chain ecology are the platform’s heart. For each mentioned NFT, users can filter by chain, Game (creators), Gamers (collectors), marketplace, category (et cetera). Gamers can easily find NFTs in a cross-chain and cross-platform environment, while integrated games will gain awareness. SAM will initially support BSC and Polygon, with ambitions to add support for Solana, Ethereum, Phantom, Avalanche, Harmony, and others.

SAM will include a wide range of games, each with its own Verified Game Page, which serves as a social profile on the platform. All NFTs featured on the game’s own marketplace will have interactive flip-cards shown on their profile pages. Users can buy and play on verified game pages.

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In addition, users can mint directly on the platform and showcase their products alongside their NFT collections and for sale. Users can follow each other, comment on NFTs, share material, and trade directly. This makes gaming more involved and immersive while encouraging trading on the site.

Gamerse’s user-friendly interface, straightforward navigation, and one-click signup assure non-crypto-savvy users are catered to as usage grows. The inclusion of a fiat on-ramp and the listing of NFTs in USD ensures ease of use.

Gamerse’s SAM will allow gamers and investors to explore the NFT gaming space, socialize, and trade. While game makers will benefit from increased exposure. As the blockchain gaming industry grows, so does fragmentation. With Gamerse’s solutions, integration into such a platform will soon be standard protocol for new play-to-earn games.