GameGuru Token Listed on P2B Exchange

GameGuru Token Listed on P2B Exchange

P2B now features GameGuru token.

Trading in GGT tokens and participating in the project’s community are possible through the platform. Trading in the pair GGT/USDT. Now, let’s take a quick look at what this endeavour entails.

What is GameGuru?

The mission of GameGuru is to pioneer the cryptocurrency e-gift card and digital gaming product marketplace. Over 2,600 electronic gift cards and digital games from only the most reputable European wholesalers will be made available through the platform. Since all the vendors’ APIs will be incorporated into the system, all products will be available for instant download.

By accepting only its native GGT token (BEP-20) as payment, GameGuru will be able to offer:

Discounts in the range of 6-10% can be achieved by eliminating listing fees. There will still be a profit margin of about 7% to 12% (depending on the product). The owners of GGT tokens will receive a dividend from the company.

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Completely risk-free items sourced from reliable European distributors.

The immutability of cryptocurrency transactions and API integration with retailers ensure lightning-fast product delivery.

GameGuru Benefits

The platform will feature over 2,600 digital games and eGift cards from only the best wholesale distributors in Europe. All items will be instantly delivered and downloadable, thanks to API integration with the suppliers.

In addition, wallets holding tokens will receive a monthly distribution of the marketplace’s profits proportional to the percentage of tokens held. The remainder will be put toward maintaining the project’s momentum financially.

Their stated purpose is:

  • Less expensive e-gift cards and digital games.
  • All European wholesalers are thoroughly vetted to ensure that the products they sell are entirely risk-free.
  • The immutability of crypto transactions and API integration with vendors ensure lightning-fast product delivery.
  • Token holders will receive a monthly distribution of a portion of the proceeds from our crypto marketplace.

The GGT token is now trading on the P2B exchange. In addition, make sure you’re keeping up with the project on all of your favourite social media platforms.