GameFi Platform Invaderverse Launches Exclusive Emperor NFTs

GameFi Platform Invaderverse Launches Exclusive Emperor NFTs

Cross-chain GameFi project Invaderverse has already launched a series of massively popular “Play to Earn” games under its Bitcrush Arcade umbrella. Now the company is releasing an exclusive collection of “Emperor NFTs” to enable users to unlock even greater benefits and utilities in the Metaverse.

As part of the Mad NICE Invaders, Invaderverse will mint and sell 100 unique “Emperor” characters that will have the potential to earn within the game. Holders will be able to resell the NFT characters, compete in auctions, and mint their own open-world planets within the Invaderverse. Emperors can also play aspects from every other character in the Invaders NFT collection. In addition, holding an Emperor enables you to decide the flow of $NICE tokens for every player on your planet – you essentially become a God Mode in the game. 

Sales of the NFTs will kick off on [date TBC] on the Invaderverse official website. Invaderverse has created a presale site for those who want to buy the NFTs early.

What is Invaderverse?

Invaderverse is a cross-chain GameFi platform that allows gamers to leverage NFTs to unlock in-game characters and move them across multiple chains. This enables a seamless gameplay experience and allows users to play cross-chain without shedding their reputation, levels, or reward opportunities.

The first title from the game collection is called N.I.C.E. Invaders (Nice Invaders Crush Everything), a collaborative cross-chain P2E game where players earn crypto.  Players will choose from over 100 planets to inhabit and collaborate by staking $CRUSH to mine $NICE.


As an invader, you’ll need to work together to recruit players, build resources, and level up to increase your earnings. You can also attack other planets to steal their resources by staking $CRUSH. Moreover, planets will need to team up and attack resource-consuming Black Hodles to prevent them from becoming too powerful and destroying the universe.

Stake $CRUSH to Earn $NICE

There are two main currencies in the Invaderverse ecosystem: CRUSH and NICE. $CRUSH is the share token players earn for their wager activity within the Crush Planet; $NICE is the platform’s game currency that is used to reward stakers, pay for transactions, and buy back $CRUSH to be burned. As a member of the Invaderverse community, you can stake your $CRUSH to mine $NICE and boost your P2E earnings.

NFTs with Strong Utility

After the minting of Emperors, there will be another minting of 8,888 Mad NICE Invaders NFTs. These uniquely generated NFTs are necessary for unlocking your game character, meaning you will have 2 NFTs. Each Invader NFT  will correspond with your game character in terms of traits, rarity, and characteristics.

The Invaders NFT collection gives Invaderverse users more opportunities to earn passive income. You can sell each character independently for real-world currency, or hold both NFTs in the same wallet and earn staking rewards. You can also seamlessly move your NFT character to another game, thanks to the innovative hybrid Live Wallet feature and Crushed NFT functionality. Simply burn your character, and re-mint it to transfer it to another game.

Get on Early, Join the Pre-Sale Whitelist

Minting of Emperor NFT will take place on [date TBC]. Buyers will mint their NFT directly on the Invaderverse website at a much lower price during the pre-sale. The process is entirely secure via their MetaMask account, so head over to their website to connect your wallet and secure your spot.


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