Game Of Silks Partners With Arbitrum to Enhance its On-Platform User Experience

Game Of Silks Partners With Arbitrum to Enhance its On-Platform User Experience

Derivative play-to-earn metaverse based on thoroughbred horse racing, Game of Silks (Silks) has announced a partnership with Arbitrum to improve its on-platform user experience. Arbitrum’s higher throughput and decreased gas expenses are at the heart of these new capabilities. In comparison to Ethereum, Arbitrum uses rollup technology to introduce more capacity. Significant increases are possible with a transaction throughput that is substantially higher than Ethereum’s constrained throughput.

Arbitrum’s costs are also significantly lower (varying from 10-100x lower) while retaining Ethereum’s security, compatibility, and developer tools.

Arbitrum’s L2 technology will be used by Silks to improve their GameFi user experience. Arbitrum is also EVM compatible, providing for a smooth onboarding process and a developer experience that is similar to Ethereum. This holds true for Game of Silks development, as builders can use the same tools. Arbitrum has the most liquidity of any Ethereum rollup solution to date. GameFi initiatives like Game of Silks require a lot of liquidity.

Michael Lira, Head of Technology for Silks said: “We choose Arbitrum over other L2 solutions for its exponential method of increasing scalability and speed to the Ethereum network, without sacrificing security… We see this as extremely important to our users and allows us to add greater game utility and build a more expansive metaverse experience.”

The Silks ecosystem and metaverse are now much more scalable thanks to the relationship with Arbitrum. Tropical Racing led a $2 million investment round for the mixed-reality play-to-earn business, which will be followed by significantly more funding through the public sale of its NFTs.

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