FrontFanz: A Censorless Web3 Platform Built for Creators by Creators

FrontFanz: A Censorless Web3 Platform Built for Creators by Creators

Creators in web2 face many challenges bordering on a lack of true censorship resistance. The challenges include bad algorithms, chargebacks, delayed payments, and de-platforming. These make it impossible for creators to have a fair environment to create quality content for their fans.

FrontFanz is a censorless web3 platform built to tackle these problems and give creators the power to create without boundaries. Built by creators, the platform allows creators to express themselves freely through their content while eliminating any third-party involvement. 

About FrontFanz

FrontFanz is a content-sharing platform built on the Polygon network. Being a content subscription platform, it allows users to share and enjoy other people’s content without fear of censorship.

The platform was built by two experienced blockchain industry experts, Rosey Sin and Stacey Carlaa to protect its users and creators while providing the best possible services. Creators will enjoy complete acceptance as valued members of the system and get timely payments, no chargebacks, and no interference from third parties.


Why FronFanz?

No third parties: on FrontFanz, there will be no third parties such as banks that charge high fees and card fees and cause inconsistent payment cycles. This will reduce fees and make the platform easier to use than the existing ones.

Zero censorship: There will be no censorship on FrontFanz at all. This will give creators the power to explore their creativity to the maximum.

Deeper connection with fans: with subscription-based content, fans can interact more intimately with creators through live streams, NFTs, and digital collectibles. 

FANZ token: the Fanz token is a deflationary token listed on the Polygon blockchain. Holders can use it for voting, in-platform purchases, staking, platform-wide discounts, and access to FrontFanz marketPlace.

Transaction fees are distributed as follows: 20% burnt; 30% FrontFanz; and 50% to users validating transactions. 

FrontFanz now has a growing user and fan base, with over 32 million followers collectively and a yearly income of over $48 million. This indicates a growing momentum that started when the private sale sold out in only 72 hours. The project has partnered with the market-leading crypto crowdfunding platform, ExMarkets, to conduct its 2nd round private sale on the 15 of July. The first public Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will start on the 20 of July 2022.