Freedom DeFi: World’s First Decentralized DeFi Protocol With A Fixed 1,027,030.60% APY

Freedom DeFi: World’s First Decentralized DeFi Protocol With A Fixed 1,027,030.60% APY

During the bear market, everyone wants to keep and multiply their savings.

Today we’ll talk about a new promising Freedom DeFi project. It’s a protocol of auto staking that currently offers the highest Annual Percent Yield (APY) of 1,027,030.60% APY with token  $FREE payments every 30 seconds. When you see such numbers, you immediately wonder «is it really possible?». The developers of Freedom DeFI confidently answer – Yes!

The developers of Freedom DeFi built in smart contract of their token mechanisms that support the protocol throughout its work, helping change inflation and maintaining the high price of token $FREE.

Main mechanisms supporting Freedom DeFi protocol

Risk Insurance Fund

RIF ensures holders’ safety from sudden market crashes, long-term stability and future growth of Freedom DeFi, and minimum risk of price reduction. Therefore, staking rewards, distributed every 30 seconds at a rate of 0.0008787%, are backed by the RIF parameter, ensuring a high and stable interest rate for $FREE token holders.


Freedom Treasury

One of the most important departments in Freedom DeFi is the treasury. The treasury is designed for additional financial support of RIF. In case of a strong price fall of token $FREE, it will receive additional financing from this department. The treasury can be used for financing new products and projects that will be released based on Freedom DeFi.


The smart contract of Freedom DeFi provides a commission of 4% for each purchase and sale of tokens, which will be used to maintain the token’s liquidity. The commission is automatically saved in the Auto-LP wallet. In turn, the mechanism automatically converts 50% of the amount of $FREE stored in the wallet in BNB at the cure market rate.

The remaining 50% of $FREE in the Auto-LP wallet will provide liquidity of $FREE, setting equal weight FREE/BNB.

This mechanism also will ensure the stability of the protocol to guarantee that APY is maintained throughout the term.

The Bonfire

A large trading amount increases the number of tokens burned, thus reducing circulating supply and maintaining the stability of Freedom DeFi.

This system has another important advantage. The fact that it is deflationary allows the $FREE token to maintain a higher value.

Through these mechanisms, potential investors can be assured of stable protocol operation and a high token value of $FREE.

It’s also important that ContractWolf audited the smart contract of token $FREE. It suggests that the project’s developers pay a lot of attention to security.

MINER from Freedom DeFi

The protocol platform of Freedom DeFi also operates its miner. The holders can buy a place in one of three pools and access the mining of USDT, BUSD, and BNB. Daily-earnings up to 5%  a day, depending on the pool. Therefore, if investors don’t trust tokens FREE they can invest in MINER and earn stable tokens, the price of which is pegged to the dollar.

Miners of  Freedom DeFi will get additional financing of 3% of all trade operations of token $FREE. This will significantly increase market cap.

For a more thorough review of the Freedom DeFi project, follow the link to the site and all social networks of the project: 

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