Fracton Protocol Fractionalizes BAKC NFT With hiBAKC Launch On KuCoin

Fracton Protocol Fractionalizes BAKC NFT With hiBAKC Launch On KuCoin
  • Fracton Protocol successfully launched hiBAKC on KuCoin, achieving a 1,100% price surge on its first day.
  • hiBAKC seeks to democratize access to BAKC’s 9,602 unique kennel NFTs collection.
  • A grand lucky draw is currently ongoing, offering a prize pool of $50,000 and blue chip NFTs.

Fracton Protocol marked a significant milestone by releasing hiBAKC on KuCoin. Via the launch, Fracton Protocol introduced an innovative fractionalization of the Bored Ape Kennel Club Collection, transforming it into an ERC-20 Token.

The outcome was a resounding success as the token’s price surged by 1,100% during its initial trading day. 

This remarkable performance showcased a solid product-market fit, even amidst the ongoing NFT downturn. Simultaneously, a grand lucky draw is underway until June 1, offering a prize pool of $50,000 and several blue chip NFTs.

According to the press release, as the first-ever BAKC fractional token to be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange and the 27th token to be fractionalized by Fracton Protocol, hiBAKC embodies the principles of innovation and accessibility.

Since its launch, Fracton Protocol has achieved a total trading volume surpassing 3.3 billion and millions of NFTs locked and issued through its secure smart contracts.


Moreover, hiBAKC aims to bring about a democratization of access to the Bored Ape Kennel Club’s collection of 9,602 unique kennel NFTs. By fractionalizing them into more affordable segments, it opens the doors for millions of new individuals to join the BAKC and Yuga Labs community.

KuCoin published a detailed blog on how to purchase, store, and use hiBAKC. As per the post, to purchase hiBAKC (HIBAKC), users have multiple options available. One popular choice is centralized exchanges which provide a fast and easy experience, particularly for beginners.