Former Mastercard International President Baldomero Falcones Joins Bit2Me as Senior Advisor


Bit2Me, a cryptocurrency firm based in Spain, has announced that the former President of MasterCard International Baldomero Falcones has joined the company as a senior advisor. According to the company through a press release, Baldomero will help the company expand its card division to the global market.

Notably, Baldomero worked as the President of Mastercard International between 2002 and 2006. Additionally, he has played other roles in notable companies including as the chairman of FCC construction company, and senior management team at Banco Santander.

“Innovation is the engine of growth for companies, investors, and countries, and innovation is in Bit2Me’s DNA. It is essential for progress. It is the factor which convinced me to join this exciting project led by Leif and Andrei,” Baldomero noted.

The company anticipates reaping huge benefits from Baldomero as it nears its anticipated ICO of B2M token scheduled for September 6, 2021.

“Baldomero will help us connect Bit2Me with the more traditional financial system. Our primary task is taking everyday cards to the crypto market in an exponential way. Our aim is for each new virtual currency we include to be incorporated into the Bit2Me Card,” explained Leif Ferreira, founder, and CEO of Bit2Me.


In addition to holding one of the largest ICOs in Spain, Bit2Me has conducted prior funding through private sales. As a result, the company managed to collect €2.5 million from the private investors.

Notably, the Bit2Me card was developed with the latest Mastercard-backed technology to offer the best services in the global crypto community. There will be two versions of the Bit2Me credit card; the plastic version that utilizes the NFC technology and the virtual format.

“Baldomero’s experience will take Bit2Me to another level. We seek excellence in the Spanish and international banking, financial, and business sectors, and he will help us achieve it,” noted Andrei Manuel, co-founder, and COO of Bit2Me.

Bit2Me seeks to revolutionize the crypto industry through cutting-edge technology as the adoption widens in the global market. Besides being a simple, safe, and fast place to trade crypto assets, Bit2Me provides a suite of 19 solutions to its customers. 

With over 700,000 users, Bit2Me operates in over 100 countries and provides over 68 currencies for its customers to choose from. The Bit2Me team remains hungry to succeed as the competition in the crypto-related businesses heightens with time.